What is the Difference Between Stage LED Display and Ordinary LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-30 16:43 Views: 539

What are the specifications of the stage LED display color screen, which is different from the conventional LED display? We all know that the color screen of the stage LED display is mainly to set off the main screen effect and create a stage atmosphere. It is simpler than the conventional LED display, so what are the color screen specifications of the stage LED display, and what are the differences from the conventional LED display?


The LED color screen has a large dot pitch and a relatively long viewing distance. It is used in large-area display effects. The low cost is an advantage. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor concerts as backgrounds, building curtain walls, advertising screens, nightclubs, and dance halls. Wait. Compared with the conventional grid screen, the stage LED display color screen has the advantages of larger viewing angle and higher definition. In addition to considering the model and cost budget, you should also choose according to your environment of use.

The difference between the color screen of the stage LED display and the conventional LED display is as follows: the modular design is more convenient for installation and maintenance. All-aluminum structure module, the weight is only about 30% of the conventional LED display. Transparent design, good ventilation and lighting, small wind resistance. It is more suitable for making super large area LED display. Installation is quick and cost-effective. The LED screen is made into vertical strips or grids, and the size can be adjusted arbitrarily. Easy production, good maintenance, good heat dissipation, high stability.

With the development of the stage business, LED color screens have broad prospects for development, and are developing in the direction of higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability and full color.