What Technical Support is Required for a Good Visual Experience of the LED Display?

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1. Seamless splicing HD display

The LED full-color display screen can achieve true seamless splicing, with ultra-high brightness and contrast ratio and ultra-wide viewing angle, and can obtain better display effects at all angles. Seamless splicing technology is a special and relatively demanding projection display application, which can realize the fusion of multi-screen images and minimize the splicing gap to completely overlap. The seamless splicing technology not only requires a complete super large screen, but also has special requirements for the projection used to project the super large screen.

2. High-definition signal processing capability

The screen comes with a variety of signal inputs such as DVI, DP, and HDMI. It can handle ultra-high-definition image display of 4K resolution and below without relying on additional splicing equipment to achieve high-definition image display. It supports the automatic detection and search function of signal sources, and the retrieved signal sources can be automatically displayed on the wall.

3. Resolution adaptive

Support any non-standard resolution input, automatically adapt to the screen size within the output range, and achieve automatic resolution matching. Say goodbye to LED screen ratio issues, black borders, and complicated debugging sessions. Dot spacing: Reducing the dot spacing of the full-color LED display can greatly improve its clarity. The smaller the dot spacing of the full-color LED display, the more delicate the screen display.


4. Image processing technology

Improve image sharpness; the synchronization between the sending card and the receiving card is within one frame, and the display synchronization is enhanced; the problem of slow refresh of traditional YUV signals is improved; the first line is dark and the black background is bright, and the display effect is guaranteed. . The gray level refers to the brightness level that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest in the single primary color brightness of the full-color LED display. The higher the gray level of the full-color LED display, the richer the color and the brighter the color; , the display color is single and the change is simple.

5. Intelligent dehumidification

Restarting the screen after a long shutdown will automatically trigger the dehumidification protection mechanism to improve the operating life of the product. Support four humidity level dehumidification modes, suitable for different humidity areas.

6. Nanosecond response time

The response time of the LED display is extremely short, 0.00008ms, without smearing and ghosting, which is more suitable for monitoring screen and dynamic video playback scenarios.

7. Flexible and convenient control

Support remote control, dedicated tablet control, flexible and convenient operation.

8. Long service life

Using high-quality raw materials, high-efficiency PFC power supply, anti-static lamp beads, and unique circuit protection design, the display life can be up to 100,000 hours.

9. Ultra-low maintenance cost

The rate of defective products is low; when there is a necrosis point, only a single LED light needs to be repaired; when the panel cannot be repaired, a small display panel can be replaced.

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