How much is a led display?

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LED display is a very common display product in our life. It uses semiconductor light-emitting diodes as a display method. Generally, an LED display screen consists of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of light-emitting diode pixels. At present, most of the LED electronic display screens on the market are large-scale display screens, so what about their prices? How much is a led display screen? Let's give a brief introduction to LCF.

LED display is a kind of flat panel display, which is composed of small LED module panels. It is used to display text, images, videos, video signals and other information equipment. Or composed of text or digital display. Gallium arsenide phosphide diodes emit red light, gallium phosphide diodes emit green light, silicon carbide diodes emit yellow light, and indium gallium nitride diodes emit blue light. The types of LED display are: led full color screen, led two-color screen, led monochrome screen; the use environment is divided into: indoor led display, outdoor led display, etc.

In recent years, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the price of the electronics industry has fluctuated greatly with the fluctuation of raw material prices, the rapid upgrade of production technology, and the strategic adjustment of manufacturers. And some companies will take advantage of the low price to quote some eye-catching prices to compete for customers, and then gradually increase the price for various reasons during the negotiation process. Because Lianchengfa has reached in-depth cooperation with various upstream suppliers, our price and cost are relatively controllable. We truly achieve good quality, excellent price, fairness, openness and transparency, and will not blind any of our customers. In short, the price system of LED display can be divided into the following parts: screen cost, control system, accessories, steel frame structure, and subsequent logistics and installation costs.


1. LED display cost

The LED display screen is composed of a display module, a power supply, a box, and a power cable. Among them, the module cost is the highest, and the price difference between the lamp beads, chips and ICs used is also large. The price of the usual LED screen, which is commonly referred to as such a "board", accounts for more than 70% of the overall quotation.

2. LED display control system

The control system is generally divided into synchronous and asynchronous display systems. But it is basically divided into two parts: sending and receiving. Generally speaking, one sending card corresponds to multiple receiving cards, and the number of receiving cards increases according to the size of the screen. Outdoor led display area is less than 80 square meters, usually use one sending card and 40-50 receiving cards (two boxes and one card). Indoor LED full-color screens are more expensive due to higher pixel density.

3.led display accessories

For the led display to work normally, many accessories are needed, such as a computer for total control (desktop computer), air conditioner or fan (heat dissipation), lightning arrester, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional) ), multi-function card (which can automatically adjust physical data such as display temperature, brightness, humidity, etc.), video processor (optional), etc. The price difference of accessories of different brands is very large, but it has little impact on the overall display effect. Therefore, if the customer is a little difficult to choose the price demand, we can adjust the price in this regard.

4. Steel frame structure, commonly known as steel structure

The LED display needs to be fixed by a steel structure. Especially the outdoor large-scale LED advertising display has very high requirements for the steel structure. The cost of the steel frame structure is second only to the screen body. Because the difference of steel in various places is slightly large, it cannot be estimated normally, so in addition to the steel parts necessary for the screen body, more steel structure content will suggest customers to go to the local market to buy, so this part of the budget and accessories are negotiated together the result of.

5. Logistics and installation related

If you have a skilled installation team, you can save yourself a batch of installation costs. You only need to wait for our LCF logistics to deliver the LED display to you safely, and you can install it at any time. But if you need technical guidance, we also need daily subsidies for technical business trips here.

The led display screen is made of led lamp beads. Due to different packages, the price of cob package is 10%-20% higher than that of SMD package of the same price, and the price of light-emitting chips is also very different. The quality of light-emitting chips on the market is also very different. Uneven, the light-emitting chip determines the service life of the led display. The last thing that affects the price of the led display is the system accessories. Including: system accessories, playback system, monitoring series, audio equipment, protection system; system accessories Liancheng Fa recommends choosing according to the size of the screen and needs, the quantity and quality need to be strictly controlled, the brand of system accessories and playback system are different, and the price There are also discrepancies, and it is easy to be fooled!

The above is the relevant knowledge of how much a led display screen has been sorted out by Liancheng. I hope it will be helpful to you. At the same time, you are welcome to add or correct it. LCF is a world-leading provider of LED display applications and solutions, as well as a national-level specialized, special, and new little giant enterprise. The main business covers "smart city", "cultural tourism business performance", "commercial display project", "content technology" four major sections, with the world's leading automated production equipment and modern post-doctoral research laboratory and perfect sales and services team. Friends who want to buy LED display can also contact us, LCF LED display manufacturer, a big country brand, trustworthy!