The Difference Between LED Screen P2 and P3

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-21 17:17 Views: 1284

When the user chooses the led display screen, the direction to be guided in the unfamiliar situation: the choice of the model. Different models of led displays have different prices. What is the difference between P2 and P3?

The first is the concept of full-color LED large-screen display. The number behind P here is used to indicate the size of the dot pitch of the LED display, the interval between the lamp beads, in mm, and the dot pitch of P2 and P3 are 2mm, respectively. 3mm. The smaller the dot pitch, the more pixels, the clearer the display screen and the higher the price. This is also the reason why the smaller the model in the led display, the more expensive the price, because the more pixels, the more the number of lamp beads required. The higher the cost of raw materials.


Speaking of pixel density, the number of points of P2 is 250,000 points/㎡, and the number of points of P3 is 111,111 points/㎡, which is also one of the differences.

In addition to the above, the viewing distance of the led display is also related to the model. For example, the viewing distance of P2 should be ≥2M, and the viewing distance of P3 should be ≥3M. If P3 is viewed within 2m, it will have obvious graininess, so the distance The closer it is, the smaller the model needs to be. The viewing distance of the P2 model should be ≥2M, which is a simple calculation, and the manufacturer's suggestions can be consulted for specifics.

To sum up, the differences between p2 and p3 led screens are: different models, different prices, different points, and different viewing distances. When users choose an LED display, they can’t just look at the dot pitch. The smaller the dot pitch, the better, and the more brand-faced the LED display is. The smaller the LED display model, the brightness is not up to the standard for outdoor use. Therefore, outdoor and indoor LED displays cannot be confused, but there are also models that can communicate with each other outdoors and indoors. The specific selection needs to be analyzed in detail. If you don't understand, you can communicate with the manufacturer. LCF Group welcomes your consultation.