Which Model of LED Display is Clearer?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-21 17:21 Views: 671

Today, LCF sent a small editor to answer which model of LED display is relatively clear. This should be analyzed according to the application. The LED screen is divided into indoor and outdoor use, and the clarity is related to the pixel density, and the pixel density is related to the dot spacing. . If there is a segment with the point spacing (model), it is necessary to analyze the actual problem.


At present, the commonly used outdoor models are above P2.5 and below P10. If the resolution of the LED screen is good, it must be P2.5, but if you say that you use it to tell the road to advertise and display, there is a distance from the viewing distance. More than 10 meters, it is a bit inappropriate to choose P2.5. The P2.5 dot pitch is small and the pixel density is high, so it is clear, but the brightness may not meet the standard. It was originally required to play a clear picture at 10 meters, but now it may be clear within 5 meters, although the brightness can be adjusted , but the p2.5 focuses on the high price, and it is a waste to use it in such occasions. In this case, you can choose P8 or P10, which is suitable.

Most of the LED displays used indoors are below p2.5. Even with the blessing of cob packaging technology, the minimum dot pitch of the LED display can only be about 0.5, which is still a certain gap with the liquid crystal display. Generally speaking, the smaller the dot pitch of LED displays used indoors, the better, but the smaller the price, the higher the price. Even if the difference is a little bit, the price will double. Viewing distance, so when we choose, we try to determine it according to the use occasion, and try to avoid waste of resources.

So in conclusion, how clear is the LED screen? There is no definite answer. If there is a standard, that is, the smaller the dot spacing, the higher the clarity, and the better the user's perception. But this is a blind answer, and even when choosing, blindly pursuing high-definition results in a serious waste of resources. If you have any questions about led screen, please contact Shenzhen led display manufacturer LCF.