Stadium LED Display Application Scheme

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-18 17:25 Views: 728

The multi-functional modern gymnasium can not only be used to hold various sports competitions, but also can be used to hold various large-scale cultural and artistic activities and gatherings. Because the display content of the display screen in the gymnasium is rich, diverse and real-time, the requirements for the display screen are high. With the continuous development and improvement of LED display application technology, LED display has become a necessary supporting facility for modern gymnasiums. In the stadium, people often gather for large-scale sports events or activities, so first of all, the safety and stability of the LED display must be guaranteed; secondly, the stadium LED display needs to support a variety of input interfaces for real-time live broadcast by cameras. Or broadcast TV; thirdly, the stadium LED display requires a higher flame retardant and protection level and better heat dissipation performance to adapt to different environmental conditions; finally, the stadium LED display requires a wider viewing angle and higher The refresh rate ensures the clarity of the screen display.


The stadium LED display screen has a signal loop hot backup system. It adopts dual signal input to automatically detect the integrity of the signal. When one signal fails, the other signal automatically intervenes, which can ensure the normal operation of the display screen. During the process of broadcasting sports events The LED display in the gymnasium supports the mixed insertion of multiple interfaces, which can easily cope with multiple types of signal access, which is helpful for the broadcast of the broadcast content; Both sides are designed with large-area cooling modules, which can quickly take away the heat inside the box and prolong the service life of the display; the stadium LED display has a wide viewing angle, no dead angle, no color cast, no distortion, more perfect display effect, and display coverage The area is larger, which meets the large viewing distance requirement that the audience in the venue can easily and clearly see the content displayed on the screen.


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seamless stitching

high refresh rate

low light high gray

good uniformity

Smart brightness adjustment

Single point color correction


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