Will the Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen Still Lead the Trend In the Future?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-25 17:43 Views: 735

According to statistics, in the past three years, interactive LED floor tiles have been widely used, such as in some scenic spots, shopping malls, playgrounds, science and technology museums, bars, pedestrian streets, stages, and glass planks. However, in recent years, the travel rate of people has decreased, and the market share has shrunk. Since the outbreak of the global epidemic in 2020, travel or other outdoor activities have been subject to unprecedented restrictions, which has indirectly led to a reduction in the use of various interactive LED floor tiles. It is undeniable that the LED floor tile screen can realize various interactive effects, such as waves crashing on the shore, fish walking, glass breaking, cutting fruit with a knife, etc. King".


       The interactive LED floor tile screen is born for the stage. It can design the video content, and then achieve an asynchronous playback effect according to the stage requirements. The displayed picture is clear and rich, bringing the audience a shocking three-dimensional space dance effect. Interactive LED floor tile screen can attract passengers, increase popularity, and promote customers' "secondary consumption", so whether interactive LED floor tile screen can still lead the trend in 2022, the editor of Lianchengfa will analyze from the following points: market trend, function increase, product cost.

Market trend: Due to the advent of various new crown vaccines in the world, the travel rate of people will increase, and the LED floor tile screen market activities will be more active. In addition, the country has clearly put forward a new idea of vigorously developing the "internal circular economy", which will focus on the development of the domestic trade market, which will indirectly drive a wave of rapid development of the LED floor tile screen market.

Function improvement: With the maturity of interactive sensing technology, LED floor tile screen will gradually be combined with VR technology and holographic projection technology to apply to a wider scene. For example, the Nanchang VR Science and Technology City Exhibition Center lit by Leyard’s 900m2 display screen. The mysterious "shell sand table" display area is created by combining interactive LED floor tile screen and VR technology. Through three-dimensional light and shadow, the space construction and functional theme of Nanchang VR Science and Technology Innovation City are clearly and vividly displayed, bringing more immersion to the audience. Interactive experience.

Product cost: In recent years, LED floor tile screen technology has made rapid progress, and the cost of display screen has gradually decreased. In the future, merchants will give priority to interactive LED floor tile screen, and its application fields will be more extensive, such as: intelligent teaching, sports venues, medical care , conference rooms, radio and television, etc., the demand will also increase year by year.

In summary, we can judge: the interactive LED floor tile screen will still lead the market trend. LED floor tile screen is in a period of rapid development, regardless of special effects or effect display, it is favored by people and will be known by more and more people. The market has not yet reached the state of saturation, and the future market is still a blue ocean with promising prospects.