How Important is the Development of 5G to The Development of the LED Display Industry?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-25 17:13 Views: 729

With the development of technology, the 5G era is gradually coming. At this time, if LED display manufacturers can seize the development opportunities of the 5G era, they will surely reach the heights of the display.

The development of the 5G era will form a pattern of the Internet of Everything, and many resources can be shared in real time. The LED display, as a traditional display terminal carrier, will be replaced in many places due to the formation of the Internet of Everything, such as The LED display required in ETC to display information may only need a mobile phone to achieve information sharing. The Internet of Everything pattern in the 5G era will reduce the incremental market for LED displays in certain fields.


Facing the advantages of 5G low latency, the LED display industry's exploration of 5G is currently mainly reflected in the picture quality and clarity. In the future, more and more high-definition picture quality needs to be presented through the display terminal of the LED display. Video processor manufacturer Shicheng also gave a 5G+8K solution.

Secondly, the arrival of the 5G era means that the LED display industry will face a new business environment. The fusion of 5G and LED display will make LED display burst out with new vitality. At the 70th anniversary party of the National Day, the LED display and the algorithm were integrated, so that we can see that even an ordinary LED display can transmit a shocking display on the stage through the actions of the actors.

Finally, through the access of 5G information in the LED display industry, many LED displays need to replace the display with high-definition display to be able to display. The LED display market will continue to replace or install more LED displays with high-definition display. The arrival of 5G It will prompt the LED display to usher in the comprehensive optimization and upgrading of the industry.