What does the All-in-one Conference Machine Mean for Large Conferences?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-21 17:03 Views: 736

Today, the editor of LCF will share with you what are the advantages of the LED all-in-one machine?

Compared with the traditional LED display, the LED all-in-one machine integrates the HUB board, power supply, and receiving card three-in-one design, that is, there is no need to consider the traditional external equipment such as external sending card and video processor, and complex operations such as complex wiring and debugging are eliminated, reducing the cost of Human operation failure, easy to install, operate and maintain, and easy to move, get rid of space constraints. The LED all-in-one machine can achieve full front maintenance, without the need to reserve maintenance channels, and maximize the use of every inch of space. In short, the LED all-in-one machine can be as simple and easy to use as an ordinary TV, and the experience is significantly improved. Especially in the retrofitted conference room, it can be installed efficiently and switched freely, effectively saving time.

The interactive all-in-one machine is mainly used in commercial or educational scenarios, and the requirements for industrial design are more stringent. Therefore, the thickness, appearance, and especially the design of the backplane are more particular. For a truly qualified LED all-in-one machine, there is no wire behind the whole machine, and it even needs to have the beauty of array rhythm. The LED all-in-one machine implements both software and hardware. In addition to its advantages in hardware, it also supports wireless projection on mobile phones/computers, multi-touch, intelligent writing and file management and other rich application functions. The design concept of ALL IN ONE and interactive function design It can better meet the actual needs of users. In the market of small conferences or small classrooms, LED all-in-one machines cannot compete with LCDs in the short term due to the current cost-effectiveness gap. In large conference rooms over 100 inches, neither projector nor LCD has a competitive advantage, and LED splicing and LED all-in-one are easy to stand out. The following is the market analysis provided by MTS as a system integrator for reference:


●From a specific market perspective: the epidemic catalyzes and accelerates development. At present, the size has covered 108~220 inches, and the dot pitch is between P0.7-P2.5. Among them, the P0.7 Micro LED all-in-one machine is a typical work driven by the micro-display technology mentioned above.

●From the perspective of the overall market share: more than 50% of the LED all-in-one machines are sold as 2K P1.5135/136/138 inches, and under the 4K trend, it corresponds to P0.7 135 inches. The former is a cost-effective choice, and the latter is a representative of technical benchmarks.

●From the perspective of technology trends: At present, the size of LED conference all-in-one machine is mainly used in larger than 108 inches. However, as the Mini/Micro LED technology continues to mature and the cost decreases, the LED conference all-in-one machine will develop to 82 inches, 75 inches or even smaller, and will have the opportunity to enter the conference scene below 110 inches. As a result, the entire conference scene covers a larger number, the market space is larger, and the prospect is broader.