What is the Difference Between Indoor Advertising Machines And Outdoor Advertising Machines?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-01 15:12 Views: 771

The increase in demand for media advertising has driven the vigorous development of the intelligent display equipment market. Advertising machines are all over our daily life, whether it is indoors or outdoors, living places or workplaces, it can be seen. When many customers are looking for Mingshi to purchase advertising machines, they will not know the difference between indoor advertising machines and outdoor advertising machines.

1. The places used are different

Outdoor advertising machines, just like the literal meaning, are used outdoors, and the climate environment is relatively complex and harsh, such as: commercial streets, parks, squares, bus stations, scenic spots and other outdoor public places, often facing the wind and the sun rain. Indoor advertising machines can only be used indoors, not exposed to rain, and relatively stable environments, such as: shopping malls, stores, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, hotels, office units, service halls, exhibition halls, building elevators , cinemas, stations, airports, subways and other places.

2. Material, technology and performance are different

Indoor advertising players are all used indoors, and the environmental climate is relatively stable, so the technical requirements for materials are not very high, and they only need to meet the needs of daily content playback. There is no requirement for protection function, and the screen display brightness does not need to be too high. Generally, about 300cd/m3-400cd/m3 is enough, and the picture is very clear; the rated voltage of daily life electricity can be used. However, in order for the outdoor advertising machine to be able to see the screen clearly under strong light, the screen needs to have high brightness and high-definition requirements, and the general brightness needs to reach about 2000cd/m3. In addition, the protection function should also be waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof, shock-proof, lightning-proof, anti-corrosion, etc. There must be a good constant temperature system and heat dissipation system, which can be used in high temperature and low temperature climatic conditions. Normal operation; in addition, there are many built-in systems in the outdoor advertising machine, and the power consumption is large, so the voltage requirements will be high, and a larger power voltage will be used.

3. Configuration costs are different

Indoor advertising machines are not so demanding in terms of material configuration and have no special requirements, so the cost of construction is much lower than that of outdoor advertising opportunities. Therefore, the advertising machine of the same size, the outdoor advertising machine is more expensive than the indoor advertising machine.