What Problems Should We Pay Attention to When Purchasing LED Outdoor Screens?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-07 15:57 Views: 698

1. Outdoor LED screen advertising machine should be waterproof and dustproof

If you want to use it outdoors, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing you need to face. The protection level of the display device casing must be waterproof. Generally, the waterproof level reaches IPX5, which can operate normally in heavy rain. Dust reduces the efficiency of the product and accelerates the aging of the product. The important factor is that outdoor display equipment should have specially designed dust-proof structure and dust-proof filter products, and the dust-proof level should reach IP65.

2. Outdoor LED screen advertising machine needs intelligent constant temperature

When the outdoor advertising machine is running, there will be heat from three main aspects, such as solar radiation, air convection, and internal electronic components heating. According to the regional temperature difference and the placement of the equipment, the LCD advertising machine must have a certain temperature control plan. Some are air-conditioned cooling, and some adopt forced air cooling. But no matter what kind of heat dissipation scheme, the commodity generally meets the operating requirements of temperature: -30℃-55℃, humidity: 10%-90%.


3. Outdoor LED screen advertising machine should be anti-riot and anti-theft

Outdoor display equipment is generally used in outdoor public places. Public safety and the safety of the equipment itself are issues to be considered in outdoor display. Generally, outdoor display equipment will use special tempered laminated glass. Even if the glass is damaged, it can only produce spider-like The mesh-like fine cracks, the fragments are firmly adhered to the middle layer, can avoid personal injury or property damage caused by glass falling. In addition, in the face of the problem of anti-theft, the screws should be avoided from being exposed, and the anti-theft problem should be solved by combining the anti-theft function lock and solid structural support.

4. Outdoor LED advertising screen should be protected from lightning

In order to achieve all-weather outdoor playback performance, outdoor display equipment must also have a reliable lightning protection electric control design to provide safety guarantees for the equipment in thunderstorms.

5. Outdoor LED screen advertising machine should be anti-reflection

In the outdoor environment, the display interface is clearly visible, and anti-reflection is also an important aspect to be considered. It is necessary to use glass treated with special coating to improve the visual viewpoint and resolution of the picture and reduce the reflection of the screen.

6. Anti-electromagnetic interference

The uncontrollability of the outdoor environment makes the anti-electromagnetic interference function of outdoor display equipment very important. We cannot transform the outdoor environment, but we can use shielding methods for the internal electrical components of the equipment, that is, to effectively prevent the internal components and cables from being damaged. The interference of the signal can also prevent the interference of external electromagnetic interference to the LED products.

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