2019 Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Stage Design Rental Screen Project

Project introduction: LCF transparent screen, spherical screen and other LED displays will appear at the 2019 Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Shenzhen Station. Heavenly King Jay Chou’s new "Carnival" 20th Anniversary World Tour will be staged in Shenzhen on the 29th and 30th consecutively. With a joyous carnival atmosphere, he will lead fans through Jay Chou’s 20-year music world. The beautiful scenes presented by the carefully selected playlist and the exquisite stage effects matched the fans, and even the fans burst into tears. The "Carnival" concert stage replaced the traditional screen display with 2500 pieces, the latest technology and multi-creative "transparent screens". The opening giant "cross-temporal energy ball" is 12 meters wide and consists of many "transparent screens". , The largest volume is the world's first, the energy ball also symbolizes that Jay Chou has accumulated an endless source of music energy over the past 20 years, and is presented to fans through concerts across time and space. After the giant sphere opened, Jay Chou appeared wearing a "golden armor suit", and the neon wings behind him also spread out. The visual shock and the majestic opening made the fans all go into madness. Come to "Half Orc", "Compendium of Materia Medica" and other songs, surprise fans all over. The total production cost of this "Carnival" concert reached NT$200 million, which set a new record for Jay Chou's concert cost. All the displays on site, including the 12-meter-high and 10-meter-wide giant "trans-temporal energy ball" display, were manufactured and provided by LCF Lianchengfa. Lianchengfa brought its P10 spherical LED display and the newly developed dragon series product "Longtengxi" to collectively help out, providing a perfect visual experience for the concert and fully and vividly showing the dynamic stage. And this is not Lianchengfa’s first large-scale concert. Before that, Angela Chang’s Fables World Tour, the 2019 Crossover Singer Live, Wilber Pan’s "Cominghome" Tour, and Zhang Jie’s "Wei·live" Tour The concerts, Jam Hsiao’s Shenzhen Bay concert, A-lin "Four Seasons" concert, and Wu Bai "Rockstar" concert... all appeared on Liancheng's choreography rental screens.

LCF cultural and travel business performance solutions, providing stage design for the audience to help users uninterrupted high-definition live broadcast. It has a full set of professional audio and video processing system for on-site stage, an original full die-cast aluminum fully sealed cabinet, and a unique quick-lock design and seam fine-tuning mechanism, which can easily and quickly realize the entire screen high-precision seamless splicing, low brightness, high gray, and high brushing. The display screen is more delicate and vivid. The perfect combination of realistic pictures and shocking music creates a dreamy stage effect, allowing the audience to fully blend into it, immersing in the warm live atmosphere, participating in the star-lit audiovisual feast throughout, and letting creativity ignite your stage performance force.

Product model: P10 etc.

Project area: 1000 square meters

Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Project time: December 2019







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