Product Parameter


Cabinet Size:1000*500*38mm

Cabinet Weight:6KG

Cabinet Material: die-casting aluminum

Pixel Pitch:P3.9-7.8、P7.8-7.8

Refresh Rate:≥3840

Key Features

Offer competitive, reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Super high protection

    Dust-proof, waterproof and knock-proof

    Protection level up to IP65

  • Ultra-lightweight design

    The cabinet can be lifted by one hand

    Slim and beautiful, as if on the scene

  • Super high ventilation

    High ventilation design, super windproof

    Efficient heat dissipation, more stable display

  • Super high permeability

    The permeability rate is as high as 80%

    Achieve perfect day-lighting

  • Ultra-high refresh rate

    High gray level and high refresh rate

    Refresh rate≥3840

  • Quick installation and easy maintenance

    Support a variety of installation methods

    Plug-in type design, quick maintenance


Super light and thin design, transparent, beautiful and thin

With light and thin design, it can be lifted by one hand, weight is only 12kg/sqm

Good light transmittance, perfect definition

Superior protection

Dust-proof, waterproof and knock-proof, protection level up to IP65High ventilation design, super windproof, efficient heat dissipation


Quick installation and easy maintenance, simple but not simplistic

Adopting quick installation lock, integrated pinboard and power supplyThe plug-in type rear cover is more convenient for installation and maintenance


The picture is exquisite and lifelike, easy to restore color

Support 90° assembly to create a variety of shapesExcellent graphics display brings you the visual feast of UHD picture


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