LCF P2.5 indoor full-color led display shines on Liangshan TV

Project introduction: The Lianchengfa P2.5 Indoor Full-Color LED Display recently illuminated the Lianshan Television Station's Performance Hall in Shandong Province. This ultra-HD display serves as a primary device for broadcasting various types of content in the station's daily operations. It boasts a wide viewing angle and ultra-HD picture quality, making it ideal for live performances and program recordings. Its unique low brightness and high gray scale technologies offer high-fidelity and delicate vivid visuals, while its brightness can be adjusted automatically to adapt to the environment accordingly. Furthermore, its powerful and stable signal processing capabilities guarantee real-time stability in the Performance Hall. The display also features a high refresh rate, nano-level response, and perfect dynamic performance, enabling it to better accommodate HD camera shootings without any moiré patterns, thereby meeting the needs of the television industry. The immersive and interactive perfect pursuit of the Lianshan TV Station's live performances and program recordings reflects its determination to build a smart television system. Lianchengfa's ultra-HD LED display and exquisite television system solution provides a strong boost for it, and with the tide of smart television surging, one can foresee Lianchengfa's intelligent LED displays appearing more often within the lens, on television screens, and in the eyes of viewers.

  • Product Model:P2.5

  • Project Area:155㎡

  • Project Location:Liangshan, Shandong

  • Project Time:July 2022

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