How The Manufacturers Face To The "Channel Fragmentation" In The LED Display Market ?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2020-09-29 09:43 Views: 1155

The current LED display industry, on the one hand, it is the industry's leading screen companies opening online market activities. Driven by the sound and convenient live broadcast platform, payment platform, and logistics platform, LED screen products are closer to the end user market; on the other hand, e-commerce retail platforms are gradually emerging and will become more diversified in the future. So, how should LED screen companies deal with? 


1. Unswervingly make a good product: More channels there are, more better for the company. This means that the past channel interest pattern will be broken, or that the hegemony of strong channels will be restricted. With this clarity, companies instead have more time, energy and resources to invest in the core product development and innovation process.

In recent years, with the reshuffle and reorganization of industrial channels, more and more LED screen companies have begun to pay attention to changes in market demand. While continuing to optimize channels, they have focused their business centers on product innovation and continue to promote Micro/Mini LED, the development of new technologies and new products such as COB and common cathode screens. In one fell swoop, many people in the industry have broken the assertion of "no small pitch, no innovation" in the industry a few years ago.

2. Honesty and no deception to benefit customers: No matter how good the product is, it needs to be sold through channels. Therefore, for companies, customers are as important as products. Although for different customers, the policies, resources and products that companies can provide are not the same. However, the company should have the same attitude towards all customers, that is, honesty and no deception, sincere hospitality, and benefit to customers. We must do our best to ensure stable and reliable product quality and maintain market policy and pricing stability.

The current pain of many distributors is not that the market is not good, but that they worry that manufacturers will be in disorder. On the one hand, the price is randomly set, and different customers are allowed to self-harm each other. On the other hand, they are thinking out of order, and it is easy to be driven by the market.

3. Serve customers sincerely and calmly: Good products will "long legs" to customers. The concept of this good product is "not only a good product, but also a good service". Manufacturers, distributors, and service providers must be just right. As we all know, for "non-strong interaction" products such as LED displays, the link that manufacturers maintain their relationship with users is service. This service is divided into two types: active and passive: the former is to provide users with regular free cleaning, maintenance and other services; the latter is to provide users with a quick response to solve them immediately, so that users are less anxious and wait less.

In the era of "everyone is a channel", LED screen companies need to be based on a long-term perspective, and sincerely serve users from the perspective of users. In this case, although the content of products and services can be layered, the quality of services cannot be different due to the high or low of the goods purchased by users.

In addition, in the face of "everyone is a channel" in the new environment, dealers need more refined and professional operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency. There is no shortcut in the industry in the future. The comparison is: differentiated products, flat channels, competitive prices, providing good user experience and service operations.