2019 Cyndi Wong concert rental screen project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa's rental screen was unveiled at the 2019 Cyndi Wong concert. In Cyndi Wong's Shanghai concert, the theme of the concert is still the continuation of the past pure and sweet, of course, it also includes her growth after training. The poster for the concert is mainly pink. In the poster, she is so lively and lovely, so youthful and sunny, so fresh and bright. Since the appearance of the poster of the concert, the fans were very excited and sighed again and again. Although our sweet leader has upgraded again in sweetness, her ideas on music have become more mature. She will change nearly ten sets of gorgeous costumes and styles at the concert, and add laser design to the lighting on the spot, professional LED display system + excellent dance teacher + super powerful concert team, in order to create a The coolest and most exciting concert, so that fans and friends who came to the scene can enjoy a memorable audio-visual feast.

Lianchengfa brought its Longyi, Longteng and other series of products to collectively help out, providing a perfect visual experience for the concert, fully and vividly showing the dynamic stage. And this is not Lianchengfa’s first large-scale concert. Prior to this, Jay Chou’s Carnival World Tour, Angela Chang’s Fables World Tour, 2019 Cross-Border Singer Live, Wilber Pan’s "Cominghome" Tour, Zhang Jie’s "Unlive" concert tour, Xiao Jingteng’s Shenzhen Bay concert, A-lin’s "Four Seasons" concert, and Wu Bai’s "Rockstar" concert... all appeared on Liancheng's choreography rental screens.

Product model: P10 

Project area: 1000 square meters

Project location: Shanghai

Project time: July 2019




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