How can LED transparent display avoid light pollution?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-12-01 17:03 Views: 251

Led transparent display will cause light pollution if used or improperly operated. Everyone knows that light pollution is harmful to the human body. So how do we avoid it when using LED transparent displays. Let's find out how light pollution is produced with LCF.

"Light pollution mainly comes from various excess and uncoordinated light radiation caused by sunlight, lights, and various reflection and refraction light sources in the human living environment. It is generally divided into three categories, namely white light pollution, artificial daytime and colored light pollution. And white light pollution , is the light pollution caused by the reflection of light from the glass curtain walls of buildings or various display screens in the city when the sunlight is strong." And the luminescent material used in our transparent screen itself is an energy-saving product. However, since the area of the transparent screen of the curtain wall is generally large, the power consumption is still relatively large. The high brightness of the transparent LED display is also disadvantageous, and it will also cause light pollution. Now let's take a look at the method of LED transparent display to avoid light pollution?


1. Brightness automatic adjustment system

The brightness varies greatly under different time and weather conditions. If the brightness of the transparent screen is too much higher than the environment, it will cause discomfort to people's eyes. Especially the brightness difference between day and night is relatively large, too bright will be dazzling. Liman Optoelectronics transparent screen adopts an automatic brightness adjustment system, which can automatically convert the appropriate screen brightness according to the ambient brightness, so as to ensure the picture quality and avoid light pollution.

2. Multi-level grayscale correction technology improves color softness

The LED transparent screen adopts more gray levels, which makes the color look soft and the transition is natural.

3. Reasonably plan the area and installation location of the transparent display screen

According to the viewing distance and angle, the surrounding environment, and the requirements of the displayed content, the display area and position should be reasonably planned. Rather than blindly pursuing a large area and a prominent location.