What are the advantages of the distributed processing system of led small-pitch display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-12-01 17:00 Views: 451

What is a distributed video processing system?

It is a new splicing technology based on network transmission, which supports simultaneous control of multiple display systems, and can transmit multiple resolutions to high-definition LED small-pitch display screens.

So compared with the disappearing centralization system, what are the advantages of the distributed processing system of LED small-pitch display? Today, LCF sent the editor to discuss with everyone!


1. System architecture: good heat dissipation, low cost, easy expansion

Compared with the centralized system fan cooling, the natural cooling method provided by the distributed system has lower power consumption and no noise. Each module works independently based on the network, with good scalability and low cost. The system also optimizes the centralized plug-in card design, which is inconvenient to expand. At the same time, it also has an adjustable function of centralized system input sources, and users can independently adjust the color scheme of each input source.

2. Control function: high fault tolerance, more humane

The former are independent and each port is guaranteed to be fault-free. Compared with the direct transmission of video signals in the centralized system, the lossless compression mode of the distributed system also strives for the signal output quality of high-definition images, with longer transmission distance, stronger anti-interference ability and higher system quality.

3. Signal switching: real-time seamless

The distributed system uses real-time coding to realize seamless switching, eliminating the black screen and pause phenomenon of the LED small-pitch display in the centralized system.

4. Habits of use: low learning cost

The distributed system continues the user's traditional operating habits and modes, and the learning cost is almost zero. User can customize area, arbitrary area, coverage and roaming. Multiple modes can be preset, preview and one-key switching are supported, and it is more compatible with traditional video systems.

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