What are The Advantages of Creating Holographic Interactive Projection in Traditional Business Forms?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-16 15:17 Views: 539

During the Spring Festival holiday, the beautiful holographic interactive projection effect at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics has become a topic of discussion among many people. For traditional business forms, more and more merchants have used holographic interactive projection to create new business forms in recent years. In this article, LCF and you will talk about the advantages of introducing holographic interactive projection to traditional business forms!


First of all, we need to know what holographic interactive projection is and its application logic in commercial forms. In vernacular, interactive projection is to use holographic projection technology to integrate content and scenes, and use 3D materials to project in a specific area. 3D technology creates an immersive entertainment space with great visual impact and fun, which is super attractive to users.


From the perspective of application scenarios, entertainment forms such as holographic light and shadow restaurants built in the catering industry, holographic wedding banquet halls created by the integration of the hotel market, immersive giant-screen KTV, and interactive children's paradise are more visual, tactile and interactive than traditional entertainment. The business form has been greatly improved.


Holographic projection interactive features:

1. The three-dimensional image is suspended in the mid-air of the real scene for imaging, creating a fantasy and real atmosphere, fashionable and beautiful

2. Top transparent, space imaging

3. Bright colors, high contrast and clarity

4. Have a sense of space, a sense of perspective, and form an aerial illusion

5. The real object can be combined in the middle to form the combination of the image and the real object

6. Equipped with a touch screen to achieve interaction with the audience

Strong user attraction can not only improve the economic benefits of businesses, but also have a strong advantage in attracting customers and forming differentiated competitiveness. This is the core factor for many traditional businesses to create new business forms with the help of holographic interactive projection. Bar!