Is There Really No Gap in the Seamless Splicing Screen Solution?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-02-24 13:40 Views: 811

Recently, there have always been questions from LCF's editor, "Is there really no gap in the seamless splicing screen solution?" Now in the splicing screen market, there are splicing screen solutions of different specifications, such as 0.88mm, 1.7mm, 1.8mm, 3.4mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm, etc. In the past, there were also 4.7mm, 5.3mm, 6.3mm , 6.7mm patchwork splicing screen solutions, retrospectively, there will be 10mm, 20mm splicing screen solutions. Nowadays, the splicing screen with small seam is common, and the splicing screen with 1.7mm and 3.5mm seam is commonly used. It should be noted that the above-mentioned seam refers to the seam between two screens. Therefore, there is no truly seamless splicing screen solution.


With the application of seamless LCD splicing screen technology, many large screens in conference rooms and large screens in exhibition halls have begun to use this technology. In addition to realizing 0mm seamless display, it also continues all the technical characteristics of LCD screens, such as High resolution, high brightness and contrast, color, etc. With the increasing demand for large-screen products in various fields, the market capacity of LCD splicing screen as a high-definition product is also increasing. Although affected by the technical barriers of its LCD screen itself, its minimum frame can only be achieved Both sides are 0.88mm, which hinders its development to the high-end market to a certain extent, but the introduction of seamless LCD splicing screen technology directly solves this problem, so that users have a better choice, no need to worry about using The LCD screen is still an LED screen, because a seamless product combines the strengths of the two major technologies to perfectly display various display contents.

In some industries, "zero seams" are required, so is it possible to achieve "invisible seams" through some technologies?

It's very simple, just install a special LED patch on each black patchwork. When the installation is completed, after the power is turned on, it merges with the LCD splicing screen display screen, and the patchwork "disappears". This splicing has high technical requirements and high cost, so the scope of use is not very wide.

Going back to the question at the beginning, there is no real splicing screen solution without seams at present, but some technologies are used to achieve different visual feelings. Nowadays, the most shipments in the market are 3.5mm splicing screen solutions, which are also cost-effective splicing screen solutions.