How to judge the quality of LED display?

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How to judge the quality of LED display?Do you know what is the features?


        In order to meet the needs of customers, Lianchengfa can only increase efforts in the PRODUCTION of LED display more delicate and careful to do every step, must design a more reliable, more practical LED display. Based on the current development of domestic technology, it is actually difficult to achieve the reliability requirement of MTBF not less than 10000 hours for reliability test in LED display industry standard, and even more difficult to meet the requirements of high reliable LED display.

        However, in order to achieve a highly reliable LED display, it is necessary to greatly improve the LED display material, and the design requirements should also be fashionable, reasonable and advanced.


Here we will first from the LED display product materials in detail:

First from the LED light tube said:

LED light emitting tube should be specific to achieve the following keys:

1. Good stability and small discreteness.

2. High index, small attenuation range, strong pressure resistance.

3. High consistency of brightness, wavelength and Angle.

4. Excellent light distribution: perfect light distribution curve.

5. Can resist temperature difference, humidity and ultraviolet light, suitable for outdoor environment.


The second is on the cabinet:

The whole use of steel plate or aluminum, the door structure. Must fully consider the heat dissipation measures and waterproof measures.

Also on the connector:

This is also an important link device, high-quality connector products should be used to ensure the thickness of the pure gold coating of the connector and maintain the best electrical connection performance. Ensure good electrical connection performance of the system in high temperature and high humidity environment, so that the system can run stably and reliably for a long time.


Then on the switching power supply:

The LED display is powered by certified famous brand switch voltage regulator power module. For all switching power supply through strict pressure test, screening. Ensure long-term stability and reliability requirements.

Finally, on the circuit board and the driver chip IC device:

Flame-retardant epoxy board should be used for the circuit board, with reasonable design layout and standard wiring to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility and circuit stability. The uniformity and reliability of the display screen can be significantly improved by maintaining high precision constant current output and high reliability over a large temperature range. The main materials of the display system shall be certified by CE, FCC, UL, and CCC. The above mentioned is the high and reliable requirements of LED display materials. Only in this way can the LED display products of Lianchengfa be more and more improved in quality to achieve customer satisfaction.

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