How to reduce the moire generated by the LED display screen during shooting?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-11-24 15:04 Views: 642

When the camera lens is aimed at the led display screen, stripes and strange colors like water waves will occasionally appear, which is also known as Moir é pattern. So how to reduce this phenomenon? Today LCF will share it with you.

Since the led display grid structure interacts with the camera CCD grid structure to form moire patterns, changing the relative value and grid structure of the camera CCD grid structure and the led display grid structure can theoretically eliminate or reduce moire patterns.

How to change the grid structure of camera CCD and LED display?

In the process of film recording, there is no pixel with regular distribution, so there is no fixed spatial frequency and no moire.

Therefore, moire phenomenon is a problem caused by the digitalization of television camera. in order to eliminate moire, the resolution of the led display screen image taken in the lens should be far less than the spatial frequency of the sensitive element. When this condition is met, no fringes similar to those of the sensor can appear in the image, and thus no moire will be generated.

In some digital cameras, a low-pass filter is installed to filter the higher spatial frequency part of the image in order to reduce moire, but this will reduce the image sharpness. Some digital cameras use higher spatial frequency sensing elements.

How to change the relative value of the grid structure of camera CCD and led display screen?

  1. Change the camera shooting angle. By rotating the camera and slightly changing the shooting angle of the camera, the moire ripple can be eliminated or reduced.

2. Change the camera shooting position. By moving the camera left and right or up and down, you can eliminate or reduce the mole ripple.

3. Change the focus setting on the camera. The focus and high detail that are too clear on the detailed drawings may cause mole ripples. Slightly changing the focus setting can change the clarity, thus helping to eliminate mole ripples.

4. Change the focal length of the lens. Different lenses or focal length settings can be used to eliminate or reduce molar ripple.

In a word, led display screen is arranged by independent luminous pixels, and there are obvious non luminous black areas between pixels. Find a way to turn the non luminous black area into a luminous area, and reduce the brightness difference with independent luminous pixels, which can naturally reduce or even eliminate moire.