Is the brightness of LED display better?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-11-16 11:38 Views: 493

LED display is widely popular in major cities with its unique advantages of DLP and LCD splicing, and is widely used in building advertising, subway stations, shopping malls and other fields. Indeed, the concern of LED display is due to the high brightness of the display, so when selecting LED display, is it really better to have higher brightness?

LED, as a new light emitting technology based on LED, has lower energy consumption and higher brightness than traditional light source technology, so LED display is applied to all fields of life and production. In addition, when introducing LED screen products to users, many enterprises often use low energy consumption and high brightness as publicity stunts to instill the concept that the higher the brightness, the better, the more valuable. Is that true?


First, the LED screen uses self luminous technology. As a light source, the LED lamp beads must have the problem of brightness attenuation after a period of use. In order to achieve high brightness, greater drive current is required. However, under the action of strong current, the stability of the LED luminous sphere decreases and the decay speed increases. In other words, the simple pursuit of high brightness is actually at the expense of the quality and service life of the LED screen. The investment cost may not be recovered, and the display screen can no longer provide services, resulting in waste of resources.

In addition, the problem of light pollution in cities around the world has become very serious. Many countries have even introduced policies, laws and regulations to strictly control outdoor lighting and display brightness. LED screen is one of the current display technologies with high brightness, occupying the mainstream position of outdoor display. However, once it comes to night, too bright screen will become invisible pollution. If the brightness has to be reduced in order to meet the national environmental protection standards, it will cause extreme gray loss and affect the screen display clarity and other effects.

In addition to the above two points, we also need to pay attention to the factors of rising costs. The higher the brightness, the higher the cost of the whole project. Whether users really need such high brightness is also worth discussing, which may lead to a waste of performance.

Therefore, simply pursuing high brightness is harmful to human body. When purchasing LED display screen, you should have your own judgment on the content of the advertisement. According to your own needs, you should comprehensively consider the cost performance and application requirements of the display screen, and do not blindly pursue high brightness.