This year, LED movie screens may usher in a step-by-step development

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2022 is already halfway through. Judging from the answers of many industries in the first half of the year, the repeated impact of the epidemic has indeed brought a lot of pressure, especially in consumption-related industries such as tourism, catering, and entertainment. Relevant industry chain-related businesses have also fallen into a situation of low-speed development or even stagnation. However, as the economic situation improves in the second half of the year, some industries may usher in new development opportunities.

Recently, a number of media and market research institutions have issued articles expressing their views on the economic recovery in the second half of the year, especially with regard to the stabilization of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the recovery of consumption, and even the "retaliatory" consumption rebound in some fields, expressing an optimistic and positive attitude. . Most of the views believe that in the second half of the year, many industries will usher in a rebound in consumption, among which tourism, hotels, catering, cinemas, aviation and other fields will be particularly prominent.


Here, the author noticed that the movie theater industry is also expected to usher in a rapid rebound in consumption, which is undoubtedly good news for the industry that was difficult to maintain due to the impact of the epidemic in the first half of the year. With the strong rebound of tourism, hotel, catering and other related leisure consumption, the movie theater industry, which is in the industrial chain of "going, eating, and playing", is also supported by many domestic blockbusters such as "Lone on the Moon" in the second half of the year. The Chinese have injected a lot of expectations. Relevant reports show that as of August 28, the box office of "Lone on the Moon" has reached nearly 3 billion yuan, which reflects that the public still has high enthusiasm and potential for film consumption.

The overall recovery of the cinema industry is certainly full of expectations. However, the author is more concerned about whether the LED movie screen will seize new opportunities in this rebound?

As we all know, for nearly a hundred years, movie theaters have been using the standard configuration of projector + screen. At the same time, the LED display technology market has undergone several generations of iterative upgrades of technology. Just one category of TV has gone through several iterations of kinescopes, electron tubes, plasma, and liquid crystals. Obviously, in the context of this rapid technological progress, the technological update of the cinema industry seems to be a little "unable to keep up".

For a long time, people may have been accustomed to walking into a movie theater and watching movies quietly in the surrounding darkness. However, with the growth of the new generation of consumers, they have put forward higher requirements for the social attributes of leisure and entertainment consumption. For these young people, with about three or five friends, they not only have to eat delicious food, but also have fun, and entertainment methods with a higher sense of participation, interaction and immersion can arouse their greater interest. This is also the reason why script killing can quickly become popular in major cities. Obviously, watching movies in the traditional one-way output mode, which can only sit quietly and cannot communicate, is no longer popular among young people.

At this point, people began to explore new ways of watching movies that can be viewed in a bright environment and provide more interactive communication, and all of this has to be achieved by technological progress. The LED movie screen not only has an adjustable brightness range to meet the needs of watching movies in dark or bright environments, but also can carry many interactive experiences such as naked-eye 3D, AR/VR, etc. Therefore, it also has the ability to change the traditional movie theater business model. .

Regarding the traditional mode of watching movies in a dark environment, LED movie screens can provide higher contrast, stronger visual impact, and better viewing experience. On the new entertainment mode in a bright environment, LED movie screens can be used for new product launches, fan meetings, concerts, script killings and many other commercial activities with strong social attributes. And to the appetite of young people, it is even more worrying to open up new business models for theaters and bring new profitability. Especially in the context of serious homogeneity, lack of novelty and new selling points in the traditional movie viewing mode, the "fresh gadget" of the LED movie screen is undoubtedly an excellent selling point for theaters.

Source: Projection Times