Digital economy outlet, LED screen is connected with smart education

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It is not difficult for friends who follow policy trends to notice that recently, at the policy level in my country, there have been increasing references to the digital economy, including related reports on 5G, Internet and other technologies related to the digital economy industry have also repeatedly appeared in various media. From this, we can even assert that the next thing to stir up my country's economic growth, the digital economy must be one of the carriages.

Indeed, the arrival of the digital age is a historical inevitability, and it is more global. Digitalization has brought many traditional industries, not only new technologies, but also new markets and new models. And in this era of total digitalization, many new collisions are also taking place. This also provides a new opportunity for LED screens to enter the field of education.


On August 19, the Cyberspace Administration of China revealed during a press conference that in the past ten years, the pace of my country's network infrastructure construction has accelerated, and the number of netizens and the number of national top-level domain name registrations have both ranked first in the world. The development momentum of the digital economy is strong, and the scale of my country's digital economy has ranked second in the world for many consecutive years, increasing from 11 trillion yuan in 2012 to 45.5 trillion yuan in 2021. In the past ten years, my country has made breakthroughs in independent innovation of core technologies in the information field. Among them, "Internet +" education has been further promoted.

The collision of digitization and education results in smart education. To a large extent, smart education needs to rely on the integration of underlying technologies, such as 5G communication and the Internet, while in application terminals, it depends on the progress of display technology.

In fact, when it comes to LED displays, it is difficult for many practitioners in the education industry to associate them with education. In the traditional bulk procurement of education, it is also mainly based on equipment such as projection and liquid crystal. However, with the blessing of smart education, the fate of LED screens and the education industry may begin.

First of all, from a technical point of view, today's LED display technology has already bid farewell to the shortcomings of the traditional outdoor advertising screen era, such as high brightness and dazzling pixels, which affect its application in the field of education. In turn, great progress has been made in pixel fineness and brightness control, making it more suitable for indoor viewing. More importantly, most of the LED screen products for educational applications have passed the testing and certification of relevant institutions, and have the characteristics of low blue light and better eye protection, so they are more suitable for indoor viewing for a long time and reduce the impact on vision. For example, the LED conference all-in-one machine launched by Lianchengfa LED display manufacturer is not only suitable for efficient corporate meetings, but also an intelligent interactive teaching tablet all-in-one machine.

Conversely, from the perspective of demand, the core of smart education actually relies heavily on information sharing. For example, distance education has largely solved the problem of home learning during the epidemic and the problems of students in remote mountainous areas synchronizing with urban high-quality educational resources. To a certain extent, it not only opens up a new interactive classroom teaching mode for high-quality educational resources, but also solves the problem of educational equity to a large extent.

And this more extensive information sharing actually puts forward new demands for larger size, higher definition, and stronger interactivity for educational display devices. Because the brightness of the LED screen is adjustable, it can meet the needs of watching teaching videos in a bright environment, so that students can take notes while watching; the LED screen can easily achieve a picture of more than 100 inches, and the viewing angle is large, which can meet the needs of every classroom Students in any position can get a clear viewing effect; the LED screen can also be equipped with interactive experiences such as remote conference, naked-eye 3D, touch experience, VR/AR, etc., bringing more abundant means for teaching.

Therefore, we have reason to believe that under the trend of my country's education and training industry moving towards digitalization and intelligence as a whole, LED screens will play a greater role in the education industry.

Source: Projection Times