LCF LED smart screen is not only for meetings! Do you understand these 10 application scenarios?

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Lianchengfa LED smart screen integrates computer, projector, conference software, electronic whiteboard, TV, advertising machine, audio and other functions. , remote video conferencing, scan code to take away and other functions. It integrates multiple technologies such as high-definition display, multi-person computer interaction, multimedia information processing and network transmission. Improve the office efficiency of the enterprise, highlight the image of the enterprise, and accelerate the process of enterprise intelligence and informatization.

01. Enterprise meeting application

For enterprises, many matters such as internal management and external coordination need to be resolved through conference communication, so the quality of conference tools is particularly important. Especially now affected by the new crown epidemic, it is possible that the meeting personnel cannot appear on the scene at the same time. At this time, video conferencing is particularly important. Lianchengfa LED conference all-in-one machine has remote video function, using 1080P high-definition video images, and a variety of audio The technology realizes lip sync, and supports real-time sharing of documents, applications, audio and video files to remote participants. The high-fidelity voice transmission technology allows you to be on the scene, just like a face-to-face meeting.

Traditional conference equipment has many line interfaces, complicated operation, and each device has a single function, which is not conducive to modern efficient and intelligent office experience. Therefore, Lianchengfa LED smart conference all-in-one machine came into being. It covers the functions required in the four major conference scenarios of writing, display, collaboration and video. It is easy to operate, easy to learn and use, and has become the first choice for current conference office.


02. E-commerce live streaming application

With the advent of the 5G era and the impact of the epidemic, the marketing method of live broadcast + telemarketing has become an important way for major brands to generate income.

The simple and elegant business appearance of Lianchengfa LED smart screen can help the anchor to create a streamlined and intelligent live broadcast environment, highlighting the high-end quality image of the store; computers, mobile phones, and tablets can be wirelessly projected in real time with one button, so that the anchor can quickly share what they want to show Information; at the same time, touch and write to allow the anchor to annotate the content of the display interface at any time, and "click on the key points" as you like! In addition, the conference tablet is used as the background board of the live broadcast room, which can play the product's advertising pictures, videos or brand LOGO throughout the process, so that you can Attract the audience and deepen the impression of the brand.

03. Application in real estate industry

In the real estate industry, Lianchengfa's LED conference all-in-one machine can dynamically display or even three-dimensionally present the value selling point information of the house type and the location of the real estate, traffic, surroundings, etc. to potential buyers through intelligent touch interaction design, and adopt advanced The precise touch technology realizes one-to-one and one-to-many independent inquiries. Rich media diversified visual display and immersive in-depth interactive experience make houses and real estate have infinite charm and penetrate into the hearts of home buyers. In addition, house and real estate information can be taken away wirelessly and conveniently by sending emails and scanning codes to share, extending potential owners' imagination of future quality life.

04. Advertising media application

In the field of media communication, Lianchengfa LED conference panel can not only realize the functions of reading newspapers, viewing pictures, and simulating sports events, but Lianchengfa LED conference panel has changed the oppressive one-way information infusion mode, and its powerful media performance function The demo annotation function and the ultimate touch-screen interactive experience break the space barrier between the host and the guests, allowing the host, guests, and the conference tablet to present a triangular flexible interaction, and form a three-dimensional space-time relationship with the viewers outside the video. This can attract viewers and greatly increase the ratings of the program.

05. Online trial application

During the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to ensure the smooth progress of court sessions and hearings, many courts have launched online trial models, allowing parties to participate in court trials without leaving home. Through Lianchengfa's LED smart screen to carry out business, remote video, audio and video transmission is clear and smooth, and files are archived synchronously. Conflicts and disputes are thus resolved online through "non-contact" remote court trials.

06. Application in the medical field

Lianchengfa LED smart screen perfectly supports the Android system, providing a platform for running various medical program software, making telemedicine conferences, telemedicine consultations, and telesurgery possible, which greatly alleviates the shortage of medical resources and The problem of large differences in the level of medical workers. Lianchengfa's LED smart screen is equipped with a 4K high-definition screen, and the picture is delicate and clear. Doctors can clearly diagnose and treat diseases through the high-definition LED large screen.

07. Application of large chambers of commerce and lectures

Lianchengfa's LED conference all-in-one machine supports one-click projection, compatible with mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other terminal devices, with multiple displays on one screen and multi-screen networking interaction, making meetings more efficient. During large-scale chambers of commerce or lectures, Lianchengfa LED smart screen can be interconnected with the giant screen in the venue to realize "small screen connected with big screen". It is operated on the conference tablet and displayed in real time on the large screen; in addition, the body adopts an integrated design, which can be pushed to the desired place with only one power cord, and it is very convenient to plug in and start up.

Lianchengfa LED conference all-in-one machine supports both wall-mounted and mobile bracket installation methods, which can meet the needs of different environments. With modular quick installation, 2 people can complete the installation and commissioning in 2 hours, with a full front maintenance design, and the front maintenance of the screen only takes 2 seconds.


08. Enterprise product display application

When partners come to visit, Liancheng's LED smart screen not only allows the company's introduction and product demonstrations to have richer and more vivid high-definition display effects; it can give customers timely comments and explanations during the display, so that customers can have a clearer and more intuitive experience of products and design solutions . At the same time, its simple and elegant business appearance directly enhances the company's brand image.

Offline exhibitions are no longer monotonous and boring static DM sheets, brochures, and roll-up banners, but multimedia interactive high-definition displays with rich pictures and texts, which can quickly attract the public's attention, thereby maximizing the effect of marketing promotion and promoting transactions.

09. Education and training applications

Lianchengfa LED conference all-in-one machine adopts multi-angle hybrid scanning technology, supports multiple people to write at the same time, smooth and natural, and unique screen zoom technology, which perfectly solves the pain point of inconvenient operation on large screens. In addition, Lianchengfa's LED smart screen effectively integrates sound, images, animations and other forms and displays them more clearly through a 4K high-definition screen. Scanning codes to share courseware is convenient for students to review the key points in the class. It has quickly become a new force that can provide powerful help in modern teaching, and has become a powerful helper for more and more schools to realize teaching reform. It truly embodies the characteristics of "human-computer interaction", enhances the fun of learning, and effectively improves the effectiveness of classroom teaching.

10. Banking application

Lianchengfa’s 4K large LED smart screen clearly displays various wealth management products. Customers can use gestures to understand and compare various wealth management products, which greatly improves the reading experience; remote video can also be turned on, and customers can connect with experts in real time to discuss financial management solutions. Banks can Maintain customers more conveniently, save the cost of paper printing and travel, and implement the concept of environmental protection.

In general, Lianchengfa LED smart screen (LED conference all-in-one machine) is a multi-functional intelligent terminal device that can meet the needs of multiple scenarios. Whether it is meetings, training, demonstrations, or interactions, everything can be done. The key point is that the operation is very convenient, and you can use it however you want. If you need to purchase Lianchengfa LED smart screen (LED conference all-in-one machine), you can directly consult the online customer service of Lianchengfa official website!