What are the LED display control software?

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LED displays are now widely used in commercial media, cultural performance markets, stadiums, information dissemination, news releases, securities trading, etc., and can meet the needs of different environments. At the same time, there are also a large number of LED display control software on the market. So, what are the LED display control software? Which LED display control software is better? Next, the editor of Liancheng will share with you the LED display control software. Don't miss it.

LED display control system (LED Display Control System) is a system that controls the correct display of LED large screens according to user needs. The online version is also known as the LED information release control system, which can control each LED terminal through the cloud system. The stand-alone version is also known as LED display controller and LED display control card. It is the core component of the LED display. It is mainly responsible for converting external video input signals or onboard multimedia files into digital signals that are easy to identify on the LED large screen. , so as to light up the LED large screen equipment, which is similar to the graphics card in the home PC, the difference is that the display in the PC is CRTILCD, etc., and the display in this system is the LED large screen. According to the access signal mode, it can be divided into synchronous system and asynchronous system.


1. Classification of LED display control systems

(1)According to the way of display, the LED display system is divided into three types of graphic display systems

Generally, the LED display screen that displays graphics and text is called a graphic screen. The main feature of the graphic screen is that each light-emitting device in the LED dot matrix is only bright or fire, and the strength cannot be controlled, that is to say, this type of screen has no gray level control.

Image Display System

The image display screen is relative to the graphic display screen, which refers to those display screens with gray scales, which display more vivid pictures. The main feature of the image screen is to use limited gray scale and color modulation to display Images with less demanding color and grayscale requirements.

Video Display System

Based on the research of the skimming screen control system, the LED display screen that can receive the video signal and display the moving, clear, full-color image is called the video display screen.

(2) According to the control method, we divide the display system into two types of communication display system

The communication display screen is an asynchronous display screen. The asynchronous mode means that the LED screen itself has the ability to store and play automatically. The edited text and non-gray-scale pictures on the PC display information or the location code and picture of Chinese characters. Number, etc. and various control commands are transmitted to the LED screen controller through the serial port or other network interfaces, and the

2. Introduction of LED display control software

1. NovaLCT

NovaLCT is a configuration tool for LED display. It can operate brightness adjustment, power control, lamp monitoring and hardware monitoring. Users can easily control all key information of LED display in front of the computer, and use NovaLCT to view their own The basic configuration of the display, you can also modify the settings to adjust to your favorite settings.

2. LED MPlayer

LED MPlayer is an LED screen control software that supports synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode control functions, and can also control the display content of the screen, display special effects, display time, etc. In addition, LED MPlayer supports display and hide modes, and supports multiple languages including Simplified Chinese.

3. Jiecheng LED display playback control software

Jiecheng LED display control software is a special software designed and developed for LED electronic display, plasma large screen, TV wall, projector, etc. The output image can be adjusted for hue, saturation, brightness and contrast.

4. LED Player

LED Player is Lingxin single and double color six-generation LED display control software. The latest LED Player v6.0.3 Chinese free version is provided here. The editable programs include subtitles, text, dazzling words, digital clock and dial, screen timing, etc. You can set the playback duration and times. Support stand-alone sending, sending programs through USB and cluster sending. The screen brightness can be adjusted regularly or manually. Support upgrade control card firmware.

5. LedMediaSys

LedMediaSys graphic editing system is a LED display control software launched by Leica, which can add programs to the display, add subtitles and graphic content, add animation and clock dials. LedMediaSys can perform quick scan configuration for three common unit boards on the market, set control card type and model, communication parameter communication mode, serial port baud rate and screen parameters, display name type, screen width and screen height and data polarity, support i4 series product, add support for fourth-generation cards, add area borders.

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