How to Aleviate the Water Ripples Generated By the LED Display When Shooting?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-15 15:09 Views: 729

In recent years, LED screens have become more and more widely used. Whether in studios, monitoring centers or even environmental monitoring equipment, LED screens can be seen. Compared with other display screens, LED screens have great advantages in terms of brightness and size.


However, in the long-term use process, we will find that when the mobile phone or other shooting equipment is aimed at the LED screen, occasionally inexplicable stripes like water waves and strange colors will appear. So are there any shooting techniques that can mitigate or eliminate these kinds of distractions?

1. Change the camera angle of the mobile phone Since the angle between the mobile phone and the LED screen will cause water ripples, slightly changing the angle of the mobile phone camera (by rotating the phone) can reduce or eliminate the moiré.

2. Change the position of the mobile phone camera by moving left and right or up and down to change the angle relationship, which can reduce water ripples.

3. Change the focus Too sharp focus and details on the fine pattern may cause water ripples, and a slight change of focus can change the sharpness, which in turn helps eliminate water ripples.

4. Change the focal length of the lens Use different lenses or focal length settings to change or eliminate water ripples.

5. Process with software Use Photoshop plug-ins, etc., to remove any water ripples that appear on the final image.

6. Install the filter in front of the mirror directly in front of the CCD to make the exposure conditions meet the spatial frequency, thoroughly filter the high spatial frequency part of the image, and reduce the chance of water ripples, but it will also reduce the sharpness of the image.