LED display quotation details!

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Friends who want to purchase LED display will definitely ask for the quotation plan of LED display or the quotation details of LED display as a reference, whether it is within their own budget. Next, the editor of LCF will introduce the various costs included in the quotation of the LED display in detail to help you have an intuitive and clear understanding when purchasing an LED display.

1. Quotation details of led display

(1)LED display screen cost

Generally, it is calculated according to how much money per square meter, that is, the common LED display price list is xxx yuan/m2. The LED display model and materials used are different, and the price will be different. The screen quotation includes a complete set of LED screen cores, module circuit boards, IC driver chips, module power supplies, steel boxes and plastic masks, as well as all cables and connecting lines inside the display. Generally, the price includes tax, this may be different, you can also directly consult Lianchengfa online customer service for details.

(2)Control system cost

That is, the cost of sending and receiving cards for the LED display screen. Generally, one screen only needs one sending card, which is installed in the computer host, and the number of sending cards is n. The use of the control card is mainly determined according to the size of the display screen. Generally speaking, the larger the area and the higher the density of the display screen, the more receiving cards are used.


(3)Control the computer

The computer is a necessary device to control the LED display, and the configuration requirements are required or higher. The general configuration information is a dual-core CPU, 2G memory, a discrete graphics card above 512MI, and a PCI slot on the motherboard.

(4) Audio + power amplifier

Audio and power amplifiers are devices that make the LED display synchronously play video and emit sound. Generally, one power amplifier and two speakers are provided.

(5)Power distribution cabinet

Small-area LED display can not be used. It is recommended that the LED display with a maximum power consumption of more than 10KW be equipped with a power distribution box, which can provide voltage and power current for the stable operation of each device of the LED display equipment, effectively preventing the LED display from supplying power. Faults such as the power switch jumping box.

(6)Air conditioner

Air conditioners belong to heat dissipation equipment. Outdoor LED display screens above 20 square meters must be equipped with air conditioners by the manufacturer to ensure the normal operation of the screen body and prolong the service life of each device of the LED display screen. In general, indoor LED screens or small-area LED displays can be used without the need for large-area indoor LED displays. It is strongly recommended to be equipped with wall-mounted air conditioners, which can effectively cool the temperature and ensure that the LED display can still travel normally under high temperature, reducing the failure rate.

(7)Multifunctional card

The indoor LED display will use a multi-function card, the main function is to intelligently adjust the brightness, temperature and other values of the LED full-color display by time period, so as to achieve energy saving and power saving, and prolong the service life of the LED display. Outdoor display can not be used.

(8)Lightning arrester

Lightning arresters are mainly used for outdoor LED displays, mainly lightning protection devices, and indoor LED displays can not be used.

(9)Video capture card

TV card, a small card, installed in the computer, coupled with the corresponding driver software, can make the led display screen play cable TV channel programs synchronously, whether this needs to be used, you can choose it according to the actual situation, the price Not expensive.

(10)LED video processor

The main purpose is to improve the overall display effect and functional application of the LED large screen, and fully tap the value of the LED display. Solve the problems of access, processing and display of various video signals, and can complete the format conversion between many signal formats. There are many brands and models of LED video processors, and prices vary.

(11)LED playback software

LED playback software includes computer system software, LED video playback software, etc. They are generally provided free of charge.

(12)Steel structure and manual installation

The brackets used to fix the LED display screen generally use a steel frame structure, as well as aluminum-plastic panels or stainless steel edging materials. Including manual installation costs (suggestion: the manufacturer can provide the steel frame structure design drawings free of charge, the customer can find the local manufacturer to make it, the production is simple, and the ordinary workers can complete it, the cost is low, and the installation is convenient).


The logistics cost depends on the delivery distance, and I believe that the majority of customers can still accept it. In terms of costs, customers can also be responsible for themselves, and they can report.

(14)Technician Fees

When the LED display is delivered to the customer, the company can send 1-2 technical engineers to help guide the installation and technical debugging. Customers only need to be responsible for the general room and board expenses and round-trip travel expenses of our technical engineers, and report them in real.

2.the LED display procurement process

(1)Determine the approximate size (length and height) of the LED display you want to purchase.

(2)Select the appropriate LED model according to the installation location and display area. If you don't understand, you can ask the manufacturer to recommend it.

(3)If it is an outdoor LED large screen, it may be necessary to submit an application to the industry and commerce department and wait for approval.

(4)LED display manufacturers provide standard production, construction and installation quotation plans.

(5)The customer confirms the price, technical parameters and other matters.

(6)The manufacturer formulates the LED display order contract, and sends the email to the customer for inspection.

(7) After confirming that there is no problem in the order contract, it can be signed with a seal or the customer can come to the factory to sign it directly.

(8)After the contract is signed, the customer pays the advance payment, and then the manufacturer begins to place an order to produce LED displays and related accessories.

(9)During the production process, the customer builds the large-screen steel structure foundation locally according to the steel structure construction drawings provided by the manufacturer (it can also be fully contracted to the LED display manufacturer).

(10)After the production test, start the packaging process and send it to the city freight yard where the construction is located through logistics.

(11)After the LED screen arrives at the installation site, the customer pays the balance to pick up the goods, and the manufacturer's technical engineer follows the assistant to the installation site.

(12)After the installation of the LED display screen is completed, the engineer starts the debugging work. During the debugging period, the customer will guide 2-3 technicians in the operation of the LED display screen for free.

3. LED display home installation process

(1)Installation First assemble the aluminum profiles, and install the led display unit board in the order from bottom to top and from right to left. The height of the unit board can be adjusted by the disk nuts at the four corners.

(2)Install the switching power supply, and fix the power supply to a suitable position inside the profile. The power supply is usually placed on the profile below the display screen. Connect the 5V power cord of the switching power supply to the power socket of the unit board. Pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the power supply. Cannot be reversed.

(3)Installation of LED display receiving card. Install the receiving card in the proper position on the right side of the LED display frame, and connect the power supply and the signal line between the receiving card and the unit board, and connect the unit board with the display cable in the order from right to left.

(4)Installation of LED display card and sending card. Install the display card and the sending card of the LED display according to the corresponding socket, and fix them with screws. Connect the display card and the sending card with a flat wire. Insert the graphics card driver CD into the CD-ROM, enter the automatic installation state, please follow the prompts.

The above is about the LED display price list or the LED display price list where the cost is included. I hope it will be helpful to you, and welcome your corrections and additions. LCF is a world-leading provider of LED display applications and solutions, as well as a national-level specialized, special, and new little giant enterprise. The main business covers "smart city", "cultural tourism business performance", "commercial display project", "content technology" four major sections, with the world's leading automated production equipment and modern post-doctoral research laboratory and perfect sales and services team. Friends who want to buy LED display can also contact us, LCF LED display manufacturer, a big country brand, trustworthy!