Which is better, led or lcd screen?

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In daily life, we often hear the keyword LED screen, but there are still many people who don't know what LED screen is, and what is the difference between LED screen and LCD screen? Let's take a look at what LED is, which is better between LED and LCD screen, and what is the difference between LED and LCD?

1. What does led mean?

LED is the abbreviation of light-emitting diode (light-emitting diode), which is made of compounds containing gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), etc. When electrons and holes recombine, they can emit visible light, so they can be used to make light-emitting diodes. LEDs can efficiently convert electrical energy into light energy and have been widely used in displays and lighting.

LCD is the English abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display, which is a general term for liquid crystal display. It is a digital display technology. The liquid crystal itself does not emit light.

Simply put, LCD screens and LED screens are displays that use two different display technologies. LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals, while LED is a display screen composed of light-emitting diodes.


2. the difference between LED screen and LCD screen

(1) It works differently

LED is a semiconductor light-emitting diode, and the LED lamp beads are reduced to the micron level. Each tiny LED lamp bead is a pixel, and the screen panel is directly composed of this micron-level LED lamp bead. The LCD display is actually a liquid crystal display. Its main working principle is to stimulate the liquid crystal molecules to generate dots, lines, and surfaces with the back light tube to form a picture.

(2) Display brightness is different

The response speed of a single element of the LED display is 1000 times that of the LCD liquid crystal screen, so the LED display has more advantages in brightness. Even if the screen is viewed under strong light, there is no problem at all. However, high brightness is not an advantage. If it is viewed from a distance, it is better, but if it is viewed from a close distance, the high brightness will be very dazzling. The LCD screen emits light by refracting light, and the brightness is relatively soft and does not hurt the eyes, but it is difficult to see the screen clearly under strong light. Therefore, the LED screen will be more suitable for long-distance display, and if it is mainly for close-up viewing, the LCD screen is better.

(3) Display colors are different

In terms of color texture, the color of the LCD screen is better, and the picture quality is richer and more dazzling, especially for grayscale expressiveness. The clarity of the LCD screen is better, the brightness is suitable for long-term viewing, and the color is more delicate.

The LCD screen belongs to the liquid crystal series products. The resolution of one screen can reach 1920*1080, and it can achieve 4K high-definition display through multi-screen splicing, so it can display images with very high definition, whether it is close-up or far-sighted. All are very clear, giving users a better visual experience, especially suitable for playing some high-definition film sources. In addition, although the brightness of the LCD screen is not as high as that of the LED screen, it can meet the use of indoor display occasions, and it is not reflective. At the same time, it is more advantageous when viewing the screen for a long time, because if the brightness is too high, the screen will be dazzling. It hurts the eyes, and although its brightness is not particularly high, it has no effect on the eyes when watching it for a long time, and it looks very comfortable, just like we usually watch TV. Furthermore, the color of the LCD screen is richer, the color gradation is strong, the grayscale performance is good, the contrast ratio is high, and the color can reach 16.7M, and the image looks more delicate and soft.

Due to the organizational structure of the LED screen, there is no splicing gap like the LCD screen in the middle of the screen after splicing, so its integrity is good, and the effect is better when the screen is displayed in full screen.

(4) Different power consumption

The power consumption ratio of LED to LCD is about 1:10. Because the switching of LCD means that the entire backlight layer is fully on or off; in contrast, LED can only light up part of the pixels in the display, which is better in terms of power saving.

(5) Contrast is different

In contrast, thanks to the self-luminous characteristics of LED, the contrast ratio is better than that of LCD, because it is difficult for LCD to show pure black due to the existence of the backlight layer;

(6) Different refresh rates

LEDs have higher refresh rates and better performance in video.

(7) Different viewing angles

The LED LCD backlight has a wider color gamut than the LCD LCD, and the LED provides a wide viewing angle of 160°;

(8) Lifespan is different

The life of LED LCD screen backlight is much longer than that of LCD LCD screen.

(9) Different application environments

If only from the adaptability of the application environment, there is no doubt that the LED screen is better than the LCD screen, because the LED screen has the characteristics of waterproof, sun protection, and high brightness, so it can meet the needs of outdoor applications, even if it is raining and sunlight. It can also display the image normally in direct sunlight. The LCD screen can only be used in an indoor environment, because it is an electronic product with many electronic components inside, which cannot be exposed to water, otherwise it will cause a short circuit. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental applications, LED screens have more advantages.

(10) Differences in use

The LCD screen is suitable for use in monitoring display, small and medium-sized conferences, exhibition halls and other occasions. The LCD screen has become the main product of video surveillance display with the characteristics of high definition, good stability and 24-hour continuous boot, because in the monitoring room, almost all of them run continuously throughout the year, and only industrial-grade panels such as LCD screens can It can meet the needs, and can clearly display the pictures taken by the monitoring, and its after-sales rate is extremely low, which can reach a continuous running time of 200,000 hours, which is very suitable for some occasions with high safety requirements. In addition, in some small and medium-sized conference rooms or exhibition halls of some enterprises, LCD screens are used more for long-term viewing due to their high-definition characteristics. For example, 9 screens are used to create a large display screen of about 150 inches for meetings and exhibitions. The company's product information and other content can clearly display all the content.

LED screen is suitable for use in advertising, text display, large-scale conferences and other occasions. The biggest advantage of the LED screen is that it has no seams, so it is very suitable for full-screen display. It is mostly used in outdoor publicity occasions, used to play video advertisements, etc., as well as text content display in some stores, information content in public places such as stations It is used to display text and numbers, etc., and in some large-scale lecture halls, product launches and other occasions, due to the long viewing distance, more LED screens are used.

Therefore, it is not possible to think that LCD or LED screen is better, because they have both advantages and disadvantages. It is better to look at their characteristics dialectically and choose according to their own display needs, installation environment, etc. LED screen is better than LCD screen in performance, but LCD screen is more pleasing to human eyes, so if it is close range, such as laptop, LCD screen will be more comfortable to use, if it is TV, indoor and outdoor large screen, LED screen It will definitely be better.

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