The business logic of the LED display industry is upgraded again!

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Looking at the development of LED display technology, it is not difficult to find that the LED display industry is not only second to none among various display technologies in terms of the speed of technological innovation, but also has a remarkable acceleration in the business logic of the market. . Today, the LED display industry, which is on the cusp of technological innovation, has also ushered in another upgrade of business logic.       

Among them, let's focus on the naked-eye 3D digital content section here. As the "facade responsibility" of the display, a group of LED corner screens showed the scene of several cute kittens teasing a butterfly, cleverly combining the trendiest naked-eye 3D and cute pet economy, attracting Countless tourists came to check in.


Indeed, in recent years, in many places in China, naked-eye 3D large screens have helped many landmark buildings to be promoted to Internet celebrity check-in places, such as the familiar Chengdu Taikoo Li. The question we need to think about is: the naked eye 3D technology has actually appeared for a long time, but it has only become popular in recent years. In the author's opinion, this aspect is related to the policy of vigorously promoting cultural tourism in China. Show the development trend of the industry.

As we all know, in the past, the identity of LED screen enterprises in a project was mostly "hardware supplier", that is to say, the hardware LED display was sold and it was over. However, in this model, under the background of product homogeneity competition, especially at the level of low-end and mid-range products, the profit margin of enterprises is constantly being compressed. So, with the later, solutionization.

In the following period of time, at various display technology exhibitions, it is not difficult to find that the exhibits of LED screen companies have gradually changed from the independent display of a single product to a situational and scene-based solution display. The competition between brands is not only a competition of several product parameters, but also a competition of whose overall solution is more convenient and easier to use. At this point, LED screen companies have begun to participate in the customer's business scenarios, completing the business logic upgrade from products to platforms.

Then, with the vigorous development of the Internet and the digital economy, the Internet of Everything has become the underlying thinking of many industries, including the display industry. Drawing on the experience of the consumer electronics industry, it is not difficult to find that the competition between brands is not only about whose mobile phone configuration is higher than whose system is better, but also whose application is richer and more interesting.

The same is true for the commercial display industry. The competition in the future will not only be the competition of hardware, software and solutions, but the proportion of content will gradually increase. In addition to a complete set of basic hardware and operating systems, the future screen companies will deliver rich content that is deeply customized according to user needs. To put it simply, at this step, another business logic upgrade from selling screens, to selling solutions, to selling content has been completed.

Through this phenomenon, there is actually a change in the identity of LED screen companies, from primary market participants and hardware suppliers, to platform service providers that meet the deep customization of users in the segmented market, and then to a full-service provider. In fact, the identity of LED screen enterprises has also changed from following user needs to leading user needs; from the needs of users, we will meet them, and provide us with more new services and business models for users. In this process, LED screen companies have gradually completed the transformation to the direction of market demand guides.

In fact, this can already be seen in reality. For example, in the cinema industry, LED movie screens have rapidly completed the evolution from technology maturity to DCI certification, and then to commercial cinema in recent years. "Watching blockbusters with domestic LED movie screens", the fashionable and cutting-edge consumption mode pursued by young people at the moment, is precisely driven by LED screen companies.

In the future, in the next stage of this trend, we can also boldly predict that LED screen companies are likely to participate in the commercial operations of many traditional industries, expand the length of the industrial chain, and support more innovative technologies. Traditional industries inject new business logic.

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