What is the development prospect of led transparent screen?

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The application field of LED display screen is constantly expanding, and the development of product diversification. As a rising star in the LED display industry, LED transparent screens have begun to exert their strength in the application of glass curtain wall advertising, stage display and new retail with the advantages of thinness, high transparency, convenient installation and maintenance, etc., and are entering us with an eye-catching attitude. 's vision. But it has to be said that the market still needs to develop further, and it is waiting to explode. Next, LCF Xiaobian will take you to see the advantages and development prospects of LED transparent screens?

1. the advantages of LED transparent screen

(1)The field of glass curtain wall has considerable prospects

With the acceleration of urban construction, building materials for glass curtain walls have also become popular. Like the glass curtain wall of an automobile 4S store, installing a transparent LED screen can not only achieve the best transparency effect, but also ensure that the interior design of the store is not affected. In the case of limited glass area, the maximum screen resolution is achieved, and the transparent effect of the glass curtain wall is ensured. Viewing from indoor or outdoor, it will not block the openness of the line of sight, making the automobile 4S shop more advanced in technology. . According to statistics, the total area of modern glass curtain walls in Chinese cities exceeds 100 million square meters, which is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising.

LED transparent screens are used to decorate glass curtain wall buildings, especially in large shopping malls, technology-based enterprises and other places. The application of LED transparent screen to glass curtain wall not only has no sense of disobedience, but also adds a special beauty to urban buildings because of its fashion, beauty, modernity and scientific and technological atmosphere.


(2)The new retail market creates increments

With the rise of the concept of "new retail", transparent LED displays play an important role in commercial retail window, interior decoration and other fields, bringing great changes to new retail. Store window display is an important means of product display and promotion in retail stores. The LED transparent screen has many advantages, such as convenient installation, high transparency, light and beautiful appearance, which perfectly solves the problem of video display in the window of the retail industry, enriches the advertising style, and makes the advertising design very attractive.

Displaying product categories, popular products and store promotion information through LED screens, it is convenient for consumers to quickly purchase their favorite products, promote consumer demand, and improve shopping conversion rates. At the same time, the LED transparent screen saves more than 30% energy than the conventional LED screen, which greatly reduces light pollution and energy consumption.

The emergence of new retail will inevitably promote the development of the commercial display market, and at the same time, it will also create a certain incremental market for LED displays. There is no doubt that LED transparent screen is a dark horse in the field of LED display subdivision, and its wide application is accepted by more and more users.

(3)The stage beauty shows many bright spots and excellent transparency

The national cultural performing arts and entertainment activities are showing rapid growth, and the demand for LED displays in various cultural evenings and concerts is increasing day by day. Conventional LED rental screen has mature technology in space and lifting and moving, but its layout has many restrictions on lighting design, and the location for lighting installation is extremely limited, lacking atmosphere and ambient light on the stage, and the stage lacks the atmosphere of the scene , it is difficult to present a perfect stage effect.

2.what is the prospect of LED transparent display?

The sales of watches, bracelets, etc. have very high requirements for product display effects, especially some luxury brands, which have stricter image requirements for retail stores. It is very suitable to use a transparent screen in such occasions. While viewing the jewelry, users can also see the corresponding information on the screen. This allows for a clearer understanding of the product. And these luxury brands also attach great importance to the promotion of their own brand values and stories. If users can receive this information when purchasing products, it is naturally the result that the brand is willing to see.

And if there is no style that the user likes at the scene, the user can also use the virtual image to try on his favorite product. Brands can easily input all product images into the system, so that in the retail store, consumers can see the images of each product. Just put your hand behind the transparent screen.

In addition to selling products such as jewelry and watches, the use of transparent displays on vending machines is also very suitable. For vending machines, it is very useful for buyers to display advertising information of products, or to display some information about products. Vending machines can not only sell drinks, but also more products in the future. In developed countries, there are a lot of vending machines, and China is also ushering in the vigorous development of the vending machine industry, so transparent display is also very promising in this industry.

Using LED transparent displays, large-scale interactive games can also be made. Although individual users may not be able to purchase such products, transparent displays have unique significance for manufacturers such as museums, amusement parks, and bars. At present, many LED transparent display products support double-sided operation. Using this principle, two people can stand on the opposite side of the screen to achieve interaction with the screen and each other. In this way, the decoration of these places can choose a transparent screen to enhance the effect.

For families, the advantages of LED transparent display screens are also very obvious. Such screens can be placed in kitchens, living rooms and study rooms. Combined with unique APPs, they can display scenery, messages, weather information, and communication software information. Compared with the digital photo frame in the past, the effect of the LED transparent display screen is naturally better, and the displayed information is also more flexible. It is also very good for improving the effect of home decoration.

At present, the development prospects of transparent LED screens on personal devices are still unclear. In the field of business, transparent displays will be the first to develop. The current price of the transparent screen released by Samsung is still relatively expensive, but with the advancement of technology, the price will gradually drop in the future, and the development prospect is good. In terms of technology, AMOLED screens do have certain advantages in making transparent screens. In the subsequent development, we may wish to look forward to the development of transparent screens together. In particular, the transparent led screen produced by Lianchengfa has a permeability of up to 85%, which does not affect indoor lighting at all, and the technology is very mature.

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