What is the difference between lcd screen and led screen?

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What is the difference between lcd screen and oled screen? LCD screen and OLED screen are two common display materials, so what is the difference between the two? The following LCF Xiaobian will bring you the relevant introduction of the difference between lcd screen and oled screen.

1. The light-emitting principle of the LCD screen mainly relies on the backlight layer, which is usually caused by a large number of LED backlights. The color passes through the backlight layer plus a layer of color film, and finally passes through the liquid crystal layer, which is controlled by changing the magnitude of the two-level voltage. Arrangement of liquid crystal molecules, and finally adjust the ratio of red, green and blue; OLED screens do not need a backlight layer like LCD screens, nor do they need a liquid crystal layer that controls the amount of light emitted. OLED can emit light by itself, so OLED is like a a screen with a combination of colored light bulbs;

2. Due to the difference in the display principle, the LCD screen is thicker than the OLED, and of course the weight will be heavier. This feature is particularly evident in portable devices such as mobile phones that require a thin and light body;

3. Due to the liquid crystal layer and the backlight layer, it is impossible for the LCD screen to achieve a large curvature. If a curved screen or a flexible screen is made on a mobile phone, only OLED technology can be used, and the application range of OLED screens is obviously wider;


4. In contrast, thanks to the self-luminous characteristics of OLED, the contrast ratio is better than that of LCD, because it is difficult for LCD to show pure black due to the existence of the backlight layer;

5. It is also self-illuminating, OLED consumes less power, and can independently control light-emitting and closing;

6. As long as the LCD screen increases the brightness of the white light of the backlight, the screen brightness can be easily increased. However, because the OLED screen emits light by itself, OLED generally adopts the PWM dimming method, which will cause the screen to flicker;

7. The display technology is different from the display effect. LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals. Due to the backlight layer, it emits light by refracting light, the color saturation is not so high, the display effect is more natural, and it is not easy to get tired after watching it for a long time. OLED is a display composed of light-emitting diodes. It can emit light by itself, and each pixel can project the light of three primary colors of red, green and blue, so the display effect is more vivid and full.

8. Thickness and power consumption are different. In terms of thickness, the lcd is thicker due to the existence of the backlight layer and the liquid crystal layer. And OLED is very easy to make the mobile phone thin, and it also provides the possibility for the appearance of bendable screen and folding screen in the future. In terms of power consumption, once the LCD is turned on, its entire backlight layer will be turned on, and it can only be fully turned on or turned off, and the power consumption is high. And each pixel of OLED works independently and can light up some pixels individually, so the power consumption of LED will be lower.

9, the screen life is different. The lcd uses inorganic materials, which have a slow aging rate and a long life. The OLED uses organic materials, so the life of the OLED screen is not as good as that of the LCD screen.

10. OLED screens are more responsive than LCD screens. Ordinary LCD TVs will have a delay (appearance of afterimages), because the response speed cannot keep up, and the picture will be significantly different when watching sports events or playing games. Generally, the response time of LCD is 10ms, while OLED can achieve 0.001ms. Whether you use OLED TV or OLED mobile phone to watch movies, there will be no afterimage, and it can better synchronize audio and video, so consumers can watch movies Or better experience when playing games.

11. OLED has a higher contrast ratio than LCD. The liquid crystal layer cannot be completely closed, and when the LCD panel displays black, some light will pass through the color layer. The black that the user sees through the LCD screen is actually a gray mixed with white and black, just like a white light flashlight illuminates a black film. . Unlike OLED, the OLED screen has a higher contrast ratio. When displaying black, the pixels in the black area can be directly closed to achieve an almost pure black effect.

12. LCD has light leakage problem, OLED does not. The biggest problem with LCD panel screens is light leakage, which is caused by the use of backlight units to emit light. The OLED is self-luminous, it uses each pixel as an independent light source, whichever limit needs to be lit is which pixel, so the OLED screen has almost no light leakage.

13. OLED has a wider viewing angle than LCD. OLED screens have wider viewing angles than LCD screens. Take a TV as an example. No matter where you sit and watch an OLED TV, the TV viewing experience is the same, while for an LCD TV, sometimes sitting on the side will affect the viewing effect.

It can be seen from this that the LCD display screen is composed of liquid crystals, so its service life is longer, but its fully-on and fully-off backlight layer increases its power consumption rate. The OLED display is composed of light-emitting diodes and has a short service life, but each pixel of it is a light-emitting body, which reduces its power consumption rate during use.

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