How Does a Curved Display Bring an Immersive Experience?

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Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi put forward the "Flow Theory" in 1972, pointing out that when people are fully focused on an activity, they will feel a sense of mental excitement and pleasure, which is the current "immersion" The beginning of research.

The space created by the immersive LED display gives people an immersive feeling. With the continuous improvement of user needs, the immersive LED display not only matches the visual experience, but also matches the interactive effect, which completes the dynamic and static combination of the space. Immersive LED displays are often used in exhibition halls, exhibition halls, cultural tourism, science and technology museums, experience halls and other occasions. Most of this type of applications are used to display local tourism culture, transfer knowledge, and experience local characteristics. In addition to surround vision, this type of project also has various forms of interactive effects: radar, gravity, infrared, and physical interaction


According to research, in the experience of the five senses, vision is the key to determining the sense of immersion. Bringing a more realistic feeling to the virtual metaverse space and enhancing the visual immersion is the core of the current development of human-machine interface. The curved LED direct display can just meet the immersion needs of various virtual applications.

The realistic visual experience brought by the LED direct display curved display can be quantified by calculating the "immersion factor". The field of vision that human eyes can see in the real world has a fixed range, which is about 160 degrees horizontally and 135 degrees vertically in a three-dimensional space, which is about 1/6 of the 360-degree omnidirectional field of view.

It is understood. Macroblock proposed the visual immersion coefficient formula (Immersive Index). By calculating the ratio of the area of the display to the area of the human visual field, the immersion coefficient is derived. When the immersion coefficient is higher, the real feeling will be more obvious. After the internal experimental test of Macroblock, when the immersion coefficient is greater than 0.3, it can present a highly realistic display effect. The high immersion factor of the curved display can provide complete visual coverage, create a better immersion experience, and make the world of the Metaverse more convincing.

In addition, maintaining the same visual distance to bring the picture closer to the way it is presented in the real world is another element that deepens the sense of immersion. Generally, the edge of the flat-panel display is often deformed due to the visual angle, but the curved display has a wrapping property, which allows the eye to maintain the same visual distance when viewing pictures from different angles, which not only reduces the deformation of the edge of the screen It also improves the visual comfort, allowing people to enter an immersive state through virtual scenes.

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