How to change subtitles on led electronic screen?

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In the process of using the led electronic screen, people often ask how to modify the subtitles on the led electronic screen? In particular, the LED display screen only has the function of displaying text, but the difference between the LED display screen and the ordinary billboard is that the LED display screen can change the subtitles at will, which is very flexible, but there are also customers who are not very clear and have questions about how to go about it. Changed the subtitle of the LED display? Next, the editor of LCF will share with you the method of changing subtitles on the led electronic screen.

First of all, you must know how the LED electronic screen changes the font. Different LED displays have different ways of modifying them. There are usually three ways: serial cable, U disk, mobile phone (or remote control). According to the corresponding operation mode, you can operate how to change the word on the LED display. Below, we will tell you about the three common ways to modify subtitles on LED electronic screens.


method one:

1. Change the word through the serial line

Connect the LED display to the computer, open the display control software, set the screen parameters, edit the font of the program, and click send.

2. Change the word through U disk

There is a column in the software menu, click USB download, and save the setting parameters and content to the U disk. When changing the program, just use the U disk to copy the content and get it on the LED display to replace it.

3. Change the word by mobile phone (or remote control)

Edit text messages to send and change ad subtitles.

If the control screen is a full-color control system, you can use the LED vision software, and then right-click on the LED screen side of the main interface to add a file window and a text window to modify the screen and add text. Specifically, you can click the help button at the top of the software. Monochrome and bicolor control systems are also control systems downloaded and then installed from the corresponding electronic screens. Generally need to adjust the font size, font color, font type.

Method Two:

1. Connect the LED display change line to the computer and open the LEDdesktop.

2. Detect communication parameters: Click the setting button on the menu bar and select the communication parameters in the drop-down box.

Open the window: Click "Read Parameters" to check the communication parameters. If the reading is successful, the screen parameters will be checked. If the reading fails, check whether the line is connected smoothly.

3. Detect screen parameters: Click the screen parameters to open the screen parameter setting dialog box. Or click Screen Parameter Settings under the Settings button to open this dialog box. Click "Read Parameters" to read screen parameters.

4. After the screen parameters and communication parameters are read successfully, the text content can be changed. Click "Screen" → "Program" → "Subtitles" on the toolbar on the left side of the window to open them in turn.

Set the input text content in the subtitle content, set the font and size (19), etc., set the height (32), width, horizontal and vertical coordinates (0, 0), etc. of the subtitle in the form properties, and set the subtitle in the display properties. Display mode, cycle times, cycle speed, dwell time, etc.

5. After setting the font, click "Preview" to view the subtitle.

6. Click "Send", if the sending is successful, the screen content is changed. Note: Only one screen, one program and one subtitle can be kept. If there are redundant screens, programs and subtitles, open "Communication Settings" and delete the redundant screens, programs and subtitles, otherwise garbled characters may appear. These are just the most basic computer operation, even if you do not use a computer.

LCF issued a small editor reminder: LED display generally uses USB interface and COM interface to transmit data. The USB interface you choose transmits data to modify the display content, like common software (free download from the official website), and then modify it in the software. And set the screen parameters (this is related to the control card of the LED display). Then click USB download to download the content to be modified to the U disk. Then connect the U disk to the U port of the display screen.

Of course, there is also the easiest way to understand the word change, which is to ask the supplier or LED display manufacturer. They all have professional after-sales service and provide professional technical support. For example, LED display manufacturers like Lianchengfa provide 7*24 hours of uninterrupted after-sales service.

LED electronic screens have widely existed in our lives, and advertising, public transportation, media promotion, etc. largely rely on LED displays. The text content to be displayed by the LED display is different at different times. If you need to change the text, you can follow the steps above.

The above is the whole content of how to change the subtitles of the led electronic screen organized by the editor of LCF. At the same time, you are welcome to add or correct it. If you want to buy an LED display, you can also contact us. LCF.