Meizhou, Guangdong will build 3,200 smart light poles!

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In 2020, the Meizhou Municipal People's Government Office released the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of 5G Smart Pole in Meizhou City", which clearly plans to build 433 new 5G smart poles and renovate 3,886 5G smart poles in Meizhou City by 2022, basically realizing 5G smart poles on main roads in the urban area. coverage.


Recently, LCF Fa Xiaobian learned that Pingyuan County, Meizhou will also build 3,200 smart light poles for the construction of characteristic village roads. Let's take a look at the project overview:

Project Name: Urban-rural Integration Development Demonstration Belt of Dazhe Town, Pingyuan County, Meizhou City

Construction unit: People's Government of Dazhe Town, Pingyuan County

Construction site: Qiyuan Village, Meidong Village, Qinghe Village, Dunbei Village, Lingxia Village, Heling Village, Huangsha Village, Fengchi Village, Fengguang Village, Xihe Village, Chaoyang Village, Dazhe Town, Dazhe Town, Pingyuan County, Meizhou City Bamboo Village, Qiaozhuang Village, Laowei Village, Tianxing Village, Zhangyan Village, Xianguan Village and Meier Village.

Construction period: 16 months

Total investment: 154.656 million yuan

Construction scale and main content:

1. Environmental sanitation improvement:

(1) It is planned to renovate about 15km of farmland, water conservancy and canal roads in 17 administrative villages;

(2) To rectify the accumulated garbage, construction garbage, fish pond garbage and random dumping garbage in 17 administrative villages.

2. Rural living environment infrastructure construction:

(1) Renovate about 17km of "four lines" such as electric wires, telephone lines, cable TV lines and optical fiber cables in 17 administrative villages, including combing, cleaning, buried laying, bundling, casing and buckle boxes, etc. , build smart light pole facilities;

(2) Renovation and expansion of about 25km of village roads and about 5km of roadways in 17 administrative villages;

(3) Build new village-level sewage treatment facilities in Chaozhu Village, Meidong Village and Huangsha Village, and improve the sewage pipe network of about 8km in other villages;

(4) Standardize and optimize the Batou domestic waste transfer station;

(5) There are about 135 centralized garbage disposal points (garbage collection houses) in 17 administrative villages.

(6) Select some of the village trunk roads of 17 villages to build characteristic village roads, including the construction of about 30km of ecological isolation belts and about 3,200 smart light pole facilities.

3. Construction of beautiful rural tourism facilities:

(1) In 11 administrative villages, namely Lingxia Village, Dunbei Village, Heling Village, Qinghe Village, Meidong Village, Tianxing Village, Xihe Village, Chaozhu Village, Huangsha Village, Qiyuan Village and Fengguang Village Construction of ecological parking lots, small nodes, tourist stations, walking plank roads, cultural and sports activity venues, emergency shelters, etc.;

(2) Select representative old houses in Fengguang Village, Meidong Village and Chaozhu Village for renovation and upgrading to build a village history museum;

(3) Build tourist service centers in Qinghe Village and Zhangyan Village;

(4) Construction of village entrance signs in 17 administrative villages;

(5) Build an ancient post road from Meier Village to Chaozhu Village.

At present, the project has entered the preliminary design estimation stage, and I believe that I will meet you soon. The editor of Lianchengfa will continue to follow up the progress of the project and bring you the latest news in time.

Statement: The content comes from the public resource trading websites of governments at all levels. There may be corrections and adjustments in the later stage of the project, please refer to the latest announcement.