LED Transparent Screen Brightness Selection and Environmental Reference

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-30 14:02 Views: 701

In addition to considering the screen size, installation method, and display effect requirements, the selection of LED transparent screens should also be reasonably selected according to the requirements of the use environment, such as common indoor lighting conditions and outdoor brightness requirements, to reasonably choose transparent screen products.

1: Some LED transparent screen manufacturers only make high-brightness, no low-brightness, or low-brightness products have a single specification. They use high-brightness products for customers and then lower the brightness. The cost ratio increases a lot, and they sell high-brightness prices. Consumers are disadvantaged.


2: Generally, the brightness range of indoor LED transparent screens is recommended to be around 800-1200cd/㎡, and it is best not to exceed this range. Too bright affects the viewing effect, glare, power consumption, etc.

3: If the glass curtain wall LED transparent screen faces direct sunlight, the brightness range is about 5000-6000cd/㎡, and some places have limited the brightness of the outdoor LED display.

4: LED semi-outdoor orientation without direct sunlight, according to customer environment 3000CD-4500CD/㎡ perfect satisfaction.