The Solution to The Loading Problem of the Rotating LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-29 14:30 Views: 842

The rotating LED display is a product that has only become popular in recent years. How to solve the problem of loading it?


LCF Tip: The reason for the lack of communication of the rotating LED display is different from the reason for not being able to load, it may be due to the following reasons, please check against the listed items and operations: Make sure the hardware of the LED display control system is properly powered on . Check that the serial cable used to connect the controller is a straight-through cable, not a crossover cable. Check and confirm that the serial port cable is in good condition, and there is no looseness or falling off at both ends.

After that, you also need to select the correct product model, correct transmission method, correct serial port number, correct serial transmission rate according to the LED display control software and control card you choose, and set the dial switch diagram provided in the software body correctly. . Controls the system hardware address bits and serial transfer rate. Check if the jumper cap is loose or off; if the jumper cap is not loose, make sure the jumper cap is oriented correctly. If it still fails to load after the above checks and fixes, use a multimeter to measure whether the serial port of the connected computer or control system hardware is damaged to confirm whether the computer manufacturer should be sent back for testing.

LCF issued a reminder that if there is a problem with the rotating LED display, it is best to contact the manufacturer to solve it, do not solve it by yourself, so as to avoid the problem from becoming more and more serious. It is recommended that you choose a large manufacturer with quality assurance when purchasing LED displays. LCF Lighting specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of LED displays, and provides customers with professional solutions!