How Should the LED Transparent Screen in the Mall be Installed and Applied?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-06-28 15:47 Views: 600

How to design the LED transparent display into the display system of the shopping mall? Next, the editor from Liancheng will summarize the application requirements of LED transparent screen installation in shopping malls for everyone.

1. Indoor installation requirements of shopping malls

Main role: While acting as an advertising screen, it also meets the occasional design and creates a good shopping atmosphere.

Features: personalized design, coordinated with the installation environment; space art effect display; complex and changeable shapes; different installation methods.

Application scenarios: shopping mall atrium location, brand chain store glass window, etc.


The indoor environment chooses a plastic transparent LED display, and can carry out a variety of modeling designs, customize the size and shape, so that the creativity can be fully displayed, bringing a more technological feeling and visual experience.


2. Outdoor installation requirements of shopping malls

Main functions: brand promotion; advertising; information transmission.


1. Outdoors have high requirements on the brightness of the display;

2. The pure outdoor environment requires the display to have a high protection level, which can be waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof;

3. The viewing distance is long and the screen area is large.

Application scenarios: shopping mall glass curtain wall, solid exterior wall, roof, etc.


Aiming at the glass curtain wall environment, the LED transparent screen can be well dealt with, and it can highlight advertising and publicity information without affecting the glass curtain, wall lighting and indoor personnel's sight; it has a high protection level of IP65, and can be customized for 10,000-level highlight display , good heat dissipation performance, and can also achieve waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, low temperature, high temperature, lightning protection, anti-corrosion, is an ideal choice for outdoor building exterior walls and building roof display construction.