How to Judge the Screen Model of the LED Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-03-24 17:05 Views: 679

LED display manufacturer LCF will teach you how to identify what type of LED display is, and what is the most intuitive and effective method?


If you see someone else installed an LED display somewhere, it feels good, and you want to order one, but you don't know which model it is, you can use a ruler to measure the distance between the lights and see. It is a few mm, but this is only an approximation, not necessarily accurate.

The most intuitive and effective method is to find a whole board, count how many lights there are in its length direction, measure the length of the board, and divide the length by the number of lights. The value obtained is the pixel spacing. For example, use a ruler to measure a board with a length of 160mm, and there are 32 lights in a row. The pixel pitch = length/number of lights, 160/32=5, which is the P5 model; another example is to measure a board with a length of 192mm, count the past length direction There are 64 lamps in total, so the pixel pitch is 192/64=3mm, which is the P3 model.

No matter the length of the board or the number of lamps, as long as they are evenly arranged, you can measure the length of the lamps as many lamps are counted, and then use the length/number of lamps to obtain the pixel pitch, which is the model.

There are often some unscrupulous manufacturers or middlemen who sell P4 as P3 price and P5 as P4 price, so as to deceive users, users must learn to identify, through the method described by the editor above, it is very easy to determine which model it is. .