What is Mobius ring led creative screen?

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Due to the rapid development of LED display technology, various creative special-shaped screens such as LED flexible wave screen, LED spherical screen, LED curved screen, LED pillar screen, and LED fan screen can be seen everywhere. So what is a Mobius ring led creative screen? Next, the editor of Liancheng will give you a detailed introduction.

The Mobius ring LED creative screen is actually a LED display that is designed and processed into the shape of a Mobius ring, so it is called a Mobius ring LED screen.


As early as the middle of the 19th century, German mathematicians Mobius and Johann Listing discovered that after twisting a strip of paper 180°, the two ends of the paper tape loop were glued together, which had magical properties. , the general paper tape has only two sides (that is, double-sided curved surface), one front side and one reverse side, both sides can be painted with different colors, but such paper tape has only one side, that is, one side curved surface, one side Bugs can crawl across the entire surface without crossing its edges, a shape known as a "Möbius ring." The Möbius ring has no starting and ending planes, it is endless and endless, its magic is that it has only one face, representing the uniqueness. The Möbius ring is also often considered to be the source of the infinity ∞ symbol. Therefore, it also symbolizes infinity, representing eternity and eternity, just like people's attitude towards science, endless progress, learning and exploration.

Distorted art - "weird circle" Mobius ring, Liancheng Fa perfectly integrates art and science, and successfully created a Mobius ring LED display. The stunning appearance design can be called an existence like "artwork". It not only improves the functional grade and appearance decoration effect of the display screen, but also has artistic temperament. Especially recently, with the application of various advanced technologies such as 3D, interaction, projection, VR, etc., it can create more eye-catching effects.


Lianchengfa Mobius ring special-shaped creative LED display is using light and shadow to interpret the never-ending story and tell the eternal legend. It is a led display screen and a work of art. It is intertwined with advanced technologies such as 3D, interaction, projection, and VR, and it always exudes the charm of display and art. As the leader of creative LED display, Lianchengfa brings products and creativity to the extreme and presents the best solution for creative LED display. In the future, Lianchengfa will continue to integrate cutting-edge science and technology and creative thinking, continue to develop the creative LED display market, and continue to provide customers and consumers with refreshing creative solutions.

The special-shaped screen, also known as the creative screen, has a stronger visual shock effect than the traditional display screen. It breaks the limitation of the regular shape of the traditional LED display screen. It is different from the rectangular and flat shape of the conventional LED display screen. Such a shape appears. Compared with the traditional display screen, its biggest feature is that it can better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building, and the size and size of the screen body can be customized according to requirements. It can be said that the special-shaped screen transforms various shapes on the basis of the traditional LED display to present different effects, making it more novel and unique in appearance.

In daily life, we can see creative LED displays of different shapes: triangular screen, trapezoidal screen, circular screen, flexible screen, strip screen, wave screen, fan-shaped screen, curved screen, circular screen, cone screen , spherical screen, diamond screen, diamond screen and other shapes, regular or irregular geometric LED display.

With the increase of people's personalized needs, the creative display market is gradually expanding, and the current application scope of special-shaped creative display is also gradually expanding. Centers and other venues are the main application areas of LED special-shaped creative displays, which greatly increases the usage of LED special-shaped creative displays and broadens the product application market. The entire LED special-shaped creative display market has a huge market capacity.

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