How Much Do You Know About Creative LED Spherical Screen Knowledge?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-12 14:49 Views: 684

1. The full-color spherical LED display adopts surface-mounted three-in-one LED lights, spherical structure design, and the display unit can be assembled into an inner arc display surface, an outer arc display surface, and an inner circular display surface after special treatment. S display surface, spherical and other special-shaped screens have display effects that cannot be achieved by ordinary conventional display screens; spherical stereo playback, 360° viewing without dead ends, personalized design, resulting in shocking visual impact.

2. Seamless splicing: The trapezoidal circuit design can realize seamless splicing;

3. Uniform snapshot: support uniform snapshot technology, the display screen is not distorted;


4. Flexible control: synchronous and asynchronous compatible, supporting offline and online modes;

5. Good heat dissipation: adopt aluminum structural heat dissipation solution;

6. Easy installation: as a complete system, it supports floor installation, hoisting, embedded installation, etc.;

7. Easy maintenance: support pre-maintenance and post-maintenance;

8. High resolution and high refresh rate: The resolution and refresh rate of the display screen are the other two performance indicators of the display screen. The gray level can be 10-16bit, and the full-color system can support 1024×768 screen resolution and up to 300Hz screen refresh rate at the same time, far exceeding the performance indicators of traditional solutions, making the display screen stable and flicker-free , no trailing.