How to select the outdoor LED display correctly?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-11-16 11:52 Views: 575

Many users will choose various brands when purchasing LED displays. There are various types of LED displays on the market, including indoor, outdoor, monitoring, etc. In particular, the outdoor environment, especially the outdoor environment, is complex. Dust, rain, lightning, exposure, theft and other issues need to be considered. It is more demanding than indoor display, so what should be done to select the brand of outdoor LED display?

1. Comprehensive functions

As more and more people begin to pay attention to the use characteristics of electronic screens, in order to ensure the stability of use, the content that needs to be paid attention to has become rich. When it comes to outdoor LED displays, which brand is a good choice, pay attention to whether the choices of electronic screens provided by the brand are rich

2. Service response

How to select outdoor LED display brands? LED display brand manufacturers gather in the Pearl River Delta region, including Japanese, Korean and other overseas brands and domestic brands. Generally speaking, Japanese and Korean brands have good performance, but their prices are high. Domestic brands have full functions, good performance and relatively low prices, which can meet the needs of outdoor and outdoor displays. In fact, if you choose a professional display brand now, you can still pay attention to the service content, which cannot be ignored. In particular, the service support and efficiency of the brand will directly affect the use experience and after-sales service support.


3. Installation technology

Many people are interested in which brand of outdoor LED display is good. There are really many brands of electronic screen to choose. When choosing a brand, we must pay attention to the technology of screen making.

The above is a good answer to which brand of outdoor LED display. We suggest that you choose a large manufacturer with quality assurance when purchasing LED display. Lianchengfa Optoelectronics is dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of LED display to provide customers with professional solutions!