What is the Reason for the Smoke and Burning of the Full-color LED Display Chip?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-07 15:33 Views: 660

As an electronic product, LED display screen is unavoidable to have some failures in the ordinary use process. There are integrated circuits and chips on the LED display screen. The phenomenon of smoke and burning of the integrated circuit chips is a relatively common fault. What is the reason for the smoke and burning of the full-color LED display chip?


The reason why it should not appear: The electronic products designed according to the specifications will have "VCC" and "GND" marks on the power terminals, indicating the connection positions of the positive and negative electrodes, respectively. However, for operators who lack basic knowledge of electrical engineering and electronics, it is still possible to reverse the positive and negative poles of the power supply unconsciously, and even qualified technicians may make mistakes. If the positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversely connected, most of the constant current/constant voltage driver chips on the module will smoke and burn.

Caused by the protection circuit: It is also very common for the full-color LED display to have a line that is always bright and highlighted, often caused by abnormal cable contact or wrong debugging parameters. Strictly speaking, a well-designed LED display product should have a protection circuit that avoids line highlighting and constant lighting. For products without a protection circuit, after the line highlight is always on, if it is not removed in time, the line driver chip of the module may rise sharply due to continuous high current operation and eventually burn out.

Of course, compared with previous products, the current full-color LED display modules in the industry have relatively low on-load power consumption of line driver chips, and the maximum operating current of most line driver chips is around 3A. It is less likely that the line driver chip will be burned by smoke when the line is always on. Therefore, most products on the market are no longer designed with protection circuits.