What are the Advantages of Outdoor LED Display Compared with Traditional Media?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-06 17:22 Views: 683

1. Outdoor media with various forms of advertising

We all know that high-rise buildings in shopping malls are installed on LED full-color screens to place advertisements, and road display screens are mostly installed at prominent positions on the road, such as above the highway toll booths, on both sides of the highway, across the highway or city streets. Brightness and the characteristics of synchronous playback of images, text, audio and video, bring people a certain visual impact. In recent years, my country's outdoor advertising industry has grown at a double-digit percentage every year, and the proportion of the total advertising advertising is also increasing year by year. %. The proportion of the total amount of outdoor advertising has increased rapidly. Industry experts refer to the outdoor LED display as the "fourth screen" of the urban population after the TV display, computer display and mobile phone display, and work with the urban population. more and more connected with daily life.


Second, the outdoor environment is strategically located

The more densely populated the road, the more outdoor LED full-color screens are set up on the roadside. Such as urban overpasses, pedestrian bridges, cross-road billboards at crossroads, highway entrances and exits, service areas, stations, docks, airports and other places are mostly billboards. The advantage is that these areas are often deceleration areas for vehicles and pedestrians, and the large-scale and gorgeous pictures can create a stronger visual impact. In today's era of information explosion, this unique form of realization is often easier to stand out from the overwhelming advertising, effectively achieve information communication with the audience, and achieve the purpose of brand image and public information dissemination.

3. Long delivery effect and high income

Compared with TV advertisements and other forms, outdoor LED screens can also play public welfare content such as urban propaganda films, so it is not easy to be disgusted by the audience, and the acceptance rate is significantly higher than that of traditional TV advertisements. At the same time, it can also beautify the city image, enrich people's leisure life, and become a display window for brand image and city image. Support 24-hour uninterrupted broadcast of all-weather information dissemination needs. And it has excellent performance such as waterproof, lightning protection and shock resistance. The LED outdoor display itself has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. It can adapt to the application requirements of harsh outdoor environment. With its high brightness performance, the display effect is not easily affected by the environment, so it can ensure the effect of outdoor transmission.