What Are the Precautions for Disinfection of LED Displays Under the Epidemic?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-12 15:10 Views: 807

1. It is forbidden to use 84 disinfectant spray for disinfection

The disinfection working principle of 84 disinfectant containing chlorine and bromine is strong oxidizing property, accompanied by strong corrosiveness and volatility. LED devices (such as lamp beads and chips) have a strong reaction to halogen, and there is a high environmental risk of contamination and metal migration and corrosion. Therefore, 84 disinfectant may cause chemical damage to the development of LED lamp beads, chips, display screens and other related supporting basic devices.

2. Do not wipe the LED screen with alcohol

The use of ethanol (medical alcohol) by spraying or wiping its LED display is prohibited. In one aspect, alcohol and oxygen react in the air to produce acetic acid, which is a weak acid, corrosive, and is not conducive to maintaining the screen body; on the other hand, alcohol can penetrate into the interior of the screen, causing corrosion and short-circuiting the device.


3.84 Disinfectant and alcohol are inevitably mixed

If 84 disinfectant and alcohol are mixed together, a chemical reaction will occur, which will greatly reduce the disinfection effect, and even produce some organic chlorides. At the same time, 84 disinfectant cannot be mixed with other detergents, such as mixing with the active ingredients of hydrochloric acid toilet cleaner, it will produce chlorine gas, which is harmful to health, harmful to health, and even poisoning, affecting life safety!

4. Use environmental disinfection to protect the screen

When spraying disinfectant in the use environment of LED large screen, it is necessary to protect the LED screen to prevent 84 disinfectant, ethanol (medical alcohol) and other disinfectants from being spilled on the screen, which will affect the service life and display effect of the screen.