Offline Store Drainage Artifact - Internet Celebrity Rubik's Cube Screen

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Offline store drainage is a big question

In order to better attract traffic, merchants have tried their best to do everything possible. Nowadays, a new artifact of drainage has been born, and that is the Internet celebrity Rubik's Cube screen.

It has sprung up like mushrooms in the streets and alleys, and has become the new favorite of countless businesses and brands. As a popular online celebrity drainage artifact, it is widely used in large supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, KTVs, exhibition halls, scenic spots, etc. Favored by users in various industries.

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Applications in public places



Compared with the traditional LED display, the cube screen is a more novel and creative display form. It improves the functional level and decorative effect of the display, which can instantly attract attention, enhance advertising creativity, and create greater commercial value. More highlights, let Xiaobian tell you in detail!

1. All-round presentation of the picture, every side is wonderful

 The LED cube screen can support four-sided display/five-sided display/six-sided display, and the size can be customized. Each independent side can play different video content at the same time, or it can be spliced into one video playback presentation, the audience can watch the content from different angles, and each side is wonderful!

 2. Dynamic and beautiful, powerful function

The store logo, promotional slogans, product promotion pictures and videos can be switched at will, which is dynamic and beautiful. It integrates multiple functions such as festive atmosphere rendering, store decoration, product display, promotion and drainage.

3. Exquisite and exquisite, fast installation

The cube screen does not need to reserve space and be redecorated. The whole box can be wall-mounted, seat-mounted, or hoisted, and the installation is fast.

4. Easy to operate, easy to play and control

The cube screen can be controlled with a mobile phone, and everyone can easily learn to change the playback content.

5. Easy to use and not expensive, really affordable

The thousand-yuan-level drainage artifact allows customers to see your store at a glance. It can be used as a store recruit, or it can be used as a cut-in for interior decoration design, creating a place for Internet celebrities to check in. The service life is as long as 100,000 hours, and the cost performance is super god.

The above is the production method of the cube screen, customers can choose and customize according to their needs. Shenzhen LCF Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional LED electronic screen manufacturer. The quality is guaranteed. It is a big manufacturer and a big brand. If you need it, welcome to consult!