Causes of Disturbing Light in LED Display

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-04-06 17:12 Views: 641

The application of LED display screens has penetrated into our daily life, and many commercial shows and public services now have their participation. Although the use of LED displays has been popularized, there are still some problems, such as interference light. How does the interference light come about, do you know?

The outdoor LED display has the characteristics of high brightness. If the brightness output of the LED display reaches 8000cd/m2 in the dark night, it will cause serious light interference.


The closer the distance between the viewer and the LED display screen, or the larger the diagonal angle formed by the standing position and the LED display screen, or the closer the viewer's line of sight is to the direction of the display screen, the more serious interference light will be generated.

There is a significant difference in ambient illuminance between day and night, which also causes the same brightness LED display to produce different degrees of interference light in different time periods.

Viewers of different ages, occupations, health conditions, and psychological emotions will experience different levels of interference light. For example, viewers who are frequently exposed to photosensitizers or suffer from eye diseases are more sensitive to light.

If the content of the image displayed on the LED display changes too quickly, it will easily cause discomfort to the viewer; if the color brightness is too high and the transition is blunt, it will also cause discomfort to the human eye.

LED display screens are used in many places, such as road traffic, commercial areas, residential areas, etc. Due to the different nature of the places, the evaluation standards for interference light are also different.

Environmental conditions will have a significant impact on the interference light of the LED display. If the environmental conditions are relatively harsh, such as haze, dust, fog, heavy rain, strong wind and other weather, it will affect people's judgment on the interference light of the LED display. Under the influence of external factors, the judgment standard will be inaccurate and the objectivity of the evaluation will be affected.