What are the Application Scenarios of LED Curved Display?

Publisher: Supplier of LED Display Time: 2022-08-03 16:48 Views: 728

The LED curved display screen can display vivid images and has a high sense of immersion. It not only paves the way for the future integration of virtual and reality in the metaverse, but also supports different needs at this stage, including the creation of virtual studios for film and television entertainment, and the simulation of transportation equipment operation training. etc., to achieve a more realistic application.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the way global film and television productions moved out to shoot in the past has been restricted, and the demand for virtual studios has greatly increased. The studio built with LED curved displays can create a natural and realistic scene, which not only allows actors and creators to quickly integrate into the atmosphere of the situation, but also saves the cost of post-production operations. Recently, it has gradually become the first choice for the film and television industry. The small-pitch LED curved display uses immersive pictures and 3D stereo modeling technology to immerse the camera lens in the virtual reality, and also immerse the audience in the scene atmosphere created by the crew.


On the other hand, large-scale heavy machinery and professional driving simulators also have a high demand for immersion. The driving of these highly professional machines, trains, airplanes, and ships requires repeated simulation exercises to ensure the safety and correctness of the operation before the driver officially operates the actual machine. The simulator using the LED curved direct-display display can help greatly improve the realism and immersion, allowing users to operate or drive on the machine immersive.

Taking aircraft driving as an example, the images presented by the curved display can show the dynamic situation brought by realistic landforms and weather, and the immersive effect allows the pilot to experience a real sense of presence; in addition to normal driving operations, it can also simulate simple Items that are difficult to train in normal flight, such as side engine failure, flying in dense fog, forced landing, etc., strengthen the pilot's crisis handling ability in case of emergencies.

Although the previous simulators also used LCD display splicing to achieve the curved surface effect, the LCD screen cannot be separated from the limit of the frame, and the screen cannot avoid dividing lines, so the realism is greatly reduced. The LED curved direct display display can achieve the curvature and frameless design expected by 1000R users through module splicing, completely covering the human eye line of sight, meeting the needs of high immersion, and supporting various simulators. At present, many industries have been gradually introduced, including the "Ministry of Labor" in Taiwan, China, which also intends to promote the use of heavy machinery simulators for driving verification.

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