Small pitch LED display technology

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Small pitch LED display technology

Features: High refresh rate, high grayscale, high brightness utilization, no afterimage, low power consumption, no reflection indoors, lightweight and ultra-thin, high precision, fine picture quality, small use space, quiet and efficient heat dissipation.


1. Seamless splicing: The splicing large-screen display technology can never avoid the influence of the physical frame when it meets the needs of customers to the greatest extent. Even if the ultra-narrow-edge DID professional LCD screen still has very obvious splicing seams, only the LED display makes the splicing possible. The back seam meets the seamless requirements.

2. High brightness intelligent adjustment: The LED screen itself has high brightness. In order to satisfy the strong light environment and dark light environment to give the viewer a comfortable viewing effect and avoid visual fatigue, it can cooperate with the light sensing system to adjust the brightness only.

3. Better color performance with high gray level: Even at low brightness, the grayscale performance of the display screen is almost perfect, and the layered and vividness of the displayed picture is higher than that of the traditional display screen, and it can also show more image details. , with no loss of information.

4. High contrast, faster response speed and high refresh rate: The number of times the electron beam scans the image on the screen repeatedly. The higher the number of scans, the higher the refresh rate, and the better the stability of the displayed image (picture). The lower the refresh rate, the more flickering and jittering the image, and the faster the eyestrain. Under the condition of high refresh rate, the LED small-pitch screen can extract stable picture, no ripple black screen, clear image edge, and accurately restore the real information of the image.

5: Naturalization of color reproduction: Using the world's leading point-by-point correction technology, using the principle of LED lighting, completely retaining the authenticity of the color, avoiding the color loss and deviation caused by the material and light running path of the backlight projection of other display technologies, to achieve true Meaningful color reproduction.

6: Three-dimensional visual experience: When the customer adopts the 3D playback mode, the splicing wall will present shocking high-definition images. Whether it is live TV, exhibition display, or digital advertising, it can vividly interpret the wonderful vision, and the audience can enjoy an extraordinary visual experience.